Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit

Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit

The Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit is an easy-to-use, messaging and mapping toolkit that enables vendors, consultants and other developers to rapidly add industry-standard messaging capabilities to new, existing and legacy systems.

The Messaging Toolkit’s intelligent mapping tools enable universal data communications, mapping virtually any messaging format to any other. This is made easy with RMT, simply drag a component from one pane (e.g., HL7) to its equivalent in another (e.g., XML) and the respective code is automatically generated. It also includes a fully integrated debugger to enable quick and easy testing.

The Messaging Toolkit reduces programming time through its simple, clear, concise and easy to understand APIs. Testing and design tools can validate any flatwire message. Ensuring they parse to specification, helping to reduce errors and save development time.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive and Expandable

The ability to add predefined EDI, or custom messaging interfaces to applications. The Messaging Toolkit’s vast repository of predefined libraries allows users to create message definitions based on industry adopted standards. This can all be done quickly and easily via a user-friendly and intuitive GUI. Users can also take these existing standards and re-purpose them for their specific needs or create a new standard from scratch by using the included EDI Messaging Designer.

Fast and Versatile

An exceptionally high-speed parser providing a high level of efficiency. Adaptable to almost any EDI format including custom textual formats and localized message formats. Support for handling UNICODE messages and the ability to parse multibyte characters in almost any language.


The Messaging Toolkits flexibility allows users to choose between Pure Java, .NET, C++ and COM Objects libraries to implement the interface. A task that is made easier with extensive trouble-shooting documentation and example projects.


Reduce documentation errors by ensuring message definitions match the generated specifications via a fully formatted notes section and also have the ability to auto-generate verbose documentation from any created message definition

Extensive Protocols

The Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit parses an extensive range of protocols including HL7, HIPAA, XML, X12, EDIFACT, HCFA, ASTM, NCPDP, SWIFT and user-defined formats. The core engine is supported by a variety of operating systems.

Broad Support

The Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit supports a number of technology solutions, including directly generating Active X (COM) Objects for Windows applications, generating Java Classes for use in pure Java applications, and access to dynamic Java, COM and C++ interfaces.

It also supports the HL7 Profile and HL7's XML schema for 2.x messages and creates XML schemas from the EDI definition. The mapping toolkit also supports a wide variety of Message Specifications such as; HL7, X12, XML, EDIFACT, HCFA, UB92, ASTM, NCPDP, HIPAA and user-defined formats, aswell as numerous development languages including, Java, .NET, C++, VB, DELPHI, POWERBUILDER capable languages etc.

Advanced Debugging Tools

A vast array of diagnostic tools are included with the Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit. These provide users with the ability to easily generate ‘dummy’ message sets as test messages. The dummy messages are based on common healthcare message standards, and custom definitions, to emulate realistic data sets. This eliminates the need to source real data which can contain sensitive patient health information. The Toolkit can also create TCP servers or clients that emulate real-world environments to further identify potential errors in message transport.

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