Lyniate Rhapsody 6.7

Lyniate Rhapsody 6.7

Committed to Developer Success and Efficiency

Improve team efficiency with the latest Lyniate Rhapsody release from the worldwide leader in connecting healthcare. Rhapsody 6.7 focuses on providing more support for today’s integration needs by adding enhancements around security, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards support, and containerization. Customers also gain usability enhancements that help ensure increased developer efficiency and effectiveness. Read on to learn more about specific features and complete the form below to request your upgrade today.

Features and Benefits

Facilitate Safer Integrations with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Certificates

ECC-encrypted certificates are more secure and smaller than RSA or DSA certificates. Rhapsody 6.7 introduces support for ECC SSL certificates to help keep your data connections secure. Rhapsody continues to also support RSA and DSA.

Reduce Inadvertent Editing Errors

Rhapsody 6.7 introduces “Environment Indicators” to help ensure developers edit configuration in the appropriate environment. The new “Auto-save and Recover” feature preserves configuration edits in case connection is lost and Map Designer enables input and output messages to be validated for reduced error introduction.

Use the Latest HL7 Version and FHIR Release

Rhapsody 6.7 extends HL7 v2 support through version 2.8.2 and support for the latest draft version of FHIR R5, enabling you to build interfaces that better meet the needs of your business today and in the future.

Increase Team Efficiency by Accelerating Development and Testing of Interfaces

Rhapsody 6.7 now clearly illustrates line numbers via Map Designer, improving visibility for easy identification of specific code sections to help streamline communication between developers. Also in this release, Rhapsody IDE tabs and its views are updated to improve the user experience on larger, higher-resolution computer monitors. Lastly, you can now customize email notifications using JavaScript instead of being required to create additional routes.

With the Rhapsody 6.7 release, we're launching access to a new Lyniate Documentation Portal. Read about the changes in our blog, Introducing Lyniate Documentation Portal with Shared OneLogin Access

Product documentation for Rhapsody 6.7, including the release notes and known issues, is accessible to licensed users via the Lyniate Documentation Portal.

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