Rhapsody 6.6

Rhapsody 6.6

Evolving Healthcare with FHIR®

As the world continues to deal with an unprecedented health crisis, it has become essential that healthcare providers, vendors, and systems seamlessly share data to deliver coordinated, cost-effective care. Rhapsody 6.6 represents Lyniate’s commitment to enabling organizations to meet evolving healthcare needs, whether regulatory changes or crisis response, both now and in the future.

Features and Benefits

Eliminate the need to rewrite FHIR®

Eliminate the need to rewrite FHIR®

Lyniate continues to advocate for the advancement of healthcare standards with the support of FHIR® R4 and R5 (pre-release). The first normative version of FHIR® assures users their solutions will continue to work the standard as it evolves. It eliminates the need to revise their FHIR solutions or rewrite code, saving time and potential errors.

Save time with automated testing

Save time with automated testing

Within any healthcare environment it is essential that interoperability solutions and their interfaces are both effective and error free. To ensure this, users need the right tools to efficiently test engine configurations and guarantee their effectiveness. Rhapsody 6.6 features automated end-to-end route testing to make testing even easier, saving time and errors.

Gain freedom to implement FHIR® mapping your way

Gain freedom to implement FHIR® mapping your way

To make FHIR® integration as seamless as possible, Mapper filter definitions can now accept the official FHIR® JSON schema. This allows you to create mappings between EDI, XML and JSON FHIR resources, giving you the freedom and control to implement your FHIR mapping your way.

Create, find, start and stop components easily

Create, find, start and stop components easily

In Rhapsody 6.6 we have continued to work on high-DPI compatibility and have implemented a new route view and revamped numerous dialogs to render on high-DPI monitors. User management reports and Rhapsody Messaging Toolkit icons have received a high-DPI facelift and user interactions on the workspace window have also been improved. This makes creating, finding, starting and stopping components even easier.

Additional Enhancements

Expanded Capabilities

  • Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Client communication point

Serviceability Improvements

  • Auto-generate thread dumps
  • Capture Disk I/O metrics
  • Ability to segregate JavaScript logs

Security Improvements

  • Addressed potential vulnerabilities in various filters and communication points
  • JRE upgrades to latest versions of 1.8
  • Jetty library upgrade to address potential vulnerabilities
  • All SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres drivers updated to support latest databases
Product documentation for Rhapsody 6.6, including the release notes and known issues, is accessible to licensed users via the Rhapsody Documentation Portal.


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