Rhapsody 6.5

Rhapsody 6.5

Rhapsody is an industry-leading interoperability platform that enhances healthcare ecosystems through seamless connectivity, on-premises and in the cloud. Used by over 750 customers globally, Rhapsody processes billions of messages a day and helps organizations to unlock the potential of healthcare data.

Rhapsody 6.5 is the interoperability platform’s first major release since its rebrand and relaunch. The release focuses on fundamental enhancements and extensions to the platform and includes customer-requested features such as Advance Routing, Test Execution and Monitoring APIs, and the addition of Product Usage Data.

Features and Benefits

Rhapsody IDE Update

In addition to sporting refreshed Rhapsody branding, Rhapsody IDE has been enhanced to better support Windows high-DPI scaling required to get the most out of high-resolution screens that are becoming increasingly more common. The Rhapsody IDE now looks crisper when using high-DPI scaling greater than 100%.

Advanced Routing

This highly requested feature extends Rhapsody’s message routing capability. Rhapsody 6.4.0 introduced Continued Routing on Success to support store-and-forward and deposit-and-notify workflows. Rhapsody 6.5 completes Advanced Routing by introducing Continued Routing on Failure. Messages that fail transmission are tagged with message properties capturing the failure reason and are made available for re-routing via the new error connectors on the communication points. This enables the automation of error handling.

Product Usage Data

Rhapsody is embracing data-driven decision making to enhance the product and user experience now and into the future. Rhapsody 6.5 introduces the ability to gather product usage data to better understand customer behavior. The data will influence Rhapsody’s decisions such as product prioritization, improvements, documentation and training.

Test Execution and Monitoring APIs

Another highly requested enhancement is the inclusion of APIs for filter test automation. The filter test execution and monitoring functionality offered by the Test Manager in the Rhapsody IDE are now exposed via APIs. This facilitates the integration of filter testing into continuous integration pipelines, which can increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of testing.

DICOM Update

DICOM capability has been enhanced by the introduction of 64-bit filters to convert between DICOM and XML formats and to extract images from DICOM messages. This means that customers processing DICOM messages can use the 64-bit Rhapsody engine and process higher throughputs and larger messages by giving their engines access to more memory.

Directory Communication Point Update

In response to customer requests, the Directory communication point has been extended to bring better feature parity with the (S)FTP communication point. This gives the Directory communication point greater flexibility and ability to protect the engine from unexpected files.

Rhapsody 6.5 can be obtained by logging a Support Tracker Ticket with the Rhapsody Support Team, contacting a Rhapsody Account Manager or by contacting us below.
Product documentation for Rhapsody 6.5, including the release notes and known issues, is accessible to licensed users via the Rhapsody Documentation Portal.

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