Rhapsody Product Support

Rhapsody Product Support

At Lyniate, we understand that when a customer has an issue or problem regarding any healthcare interface, it is critical to resolve it as quickly as possible. Our dedicated support team ensures that the customer is not alone in solving their challenges.

Watch the video below for an introduction and tutorial on how to access our support.

As a Rhapsody customer, you have access to all the support platforms below.

Please note, if online support is unavailable and you require immediate assistance, you can call our toll-free number +1-866-RHAP-411 or email rhapsody-support@lyniate.com for non-priority issues.

Salesforce Community

Click here to login to the Rhapsody Salesforce Community to access support, as well as user forums and knowledgebase posts.

Rhapsody Documentation

Click here to access the Rhapsody Documentation Portal. Our documentation is currently managed through the Rhapsody Documentation Portal, which is only available to direct customers with a valid product license.  We will be notifying all customers prior to the migration of these services to our new platform.

Rhapsody Licenses

Click here to log into the Rhapsody Licensing Portal. If you don’t have access to the Rhapsody Licensing Portal, please email us at licenses@lyniate.com for license support.


Click here to learn about our product certifications, as well as industry certification standards.

Rhapsody Support Numbers

United States 

+1 (866) 742-7411

United Kingdom 

+44 (20) 3608-9100


+61 (7) 3911-1888


+63 (2) 8639-6868

New Zealand 

+64 (9) 801-1900


+65 3165-0555

Saudi Arabia 

+966 (800) 880-3018

United Arab Emirates 

+971 (800) 032-0007

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