Lyniate Envoy

Lyniate Envoy

Accelerate time to market

Healthcare data interoperability is stealing your time. Complicated by a variety of data integration standards, including HL7, CCDA, FHIRand dozens of custom or vendor-specific API integrationseach connection is unique.  

Lyniate Envoy changes the game. Envoy makes the most difficult integrations happen fast. Built on a backbone of expertise and proven technology, Envoy delivers data where you need it so you can focus on your products and customers. As a partner on your path forward, we help you avoid roadblocks.  

By enabling secure data exchange from any source to any destination in any format through fully managed interoperability, including installation, monitoring, maintenance, and turnkey API connectors-- patient data access becomes effortlessChoose Lyniate Envoy to connect once, exchange FHIR, and more.  

Trusted by 1,300 customers worldwide, Lyniate is your partner for any interoperability challenge the future brings. 


Faster Interface Build, Setup, & Maintenance

Exceed customer expectations by removing integration as a roadblock. Pairing extensive experience solving healthcare integration problems with proven interface engine technology, secure cloud infrastructure, and reliable devops processes, you go live sooner 

Simplified EHR Integration

Envoy’s any-to-any EHR integration is proven to connect with market-leading offerings including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Greenway, and more.

Reliable Project Management

We manage integration timelines and track deliverables; you focus on your customers.

Trusted Partnership

With the top KLAS scores for over a decade, Lyniate knows what it means to partner.

Future Proof

No one knows what the future will bring, but as you acquire new customers, Lyniate helps you to be prepared with the bandwidth to meet their needs, no matter the size. With Lyniate Envoy, scaling is effortless. And the future is never in doubt.


Lyniate Envoy runs securely on AWS and delivers the global scale, elasticity, and resiliency growing technical teams require.

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