Wyoming Medical Center Replaces Legacy Integration Software with Corepoint Health’s Integration Platform

Migration Completed Seamlessly to Corepoint Integration Engine; Selected for Ease of Healthcare Interface Development and Interface Monitoring & Management Capabilities

Frisco, Texas – June 14, 2011 – Wyoming Medical Center implemented Corepoint Integration Engine, replacing their legacy integration software, for its intuitive product features and ease of interface development. Wyoming Medical Center has also leveraged assured availability™ (a2) for corepoint integration engine as their high availability solution, ensuring the continuous operation of their integrated environment.

Wyoming Medical Center, located in Casper, made the decision to explore alternative integration solutions when their legacy integration engine was scheduled to be sunsetted. during the evaluation, an existing Corepoint health customer suggested Corepoint Integration Engine to Wyoming medical center as a result of their positive experience with the software.

“She gave it rave reviews,” explained Julie Pratt, integration analyst at Wyoming Medical Center. “She showed me how easy it was to build an interface, and the number of interfaces they converted in a short amount of time was mind boggling for me.”

Wyoming Medical Center selected Corepoint Integration Engine after comparing similar integration solutions. “we compared Corepoint to another product and, in a side-by-side comparison including customer recommendations, Corepoint won hands down,” explained Pratt.

in addition to implementing Corepoint Integration Engine, Wyoming Medical Center implemented A2 for Corepoint Integration Engine as their native High Availability solution. “Just a few weeks ago we were having an issue and we purposefully failed over using A2 while we re-booted the primary server and then returned the processing back to the primary server. during that process, not a single message was lost. the native high availability functionality in Corepoint Integration Engine delivers flawlessly.”

Wyoming Medical Center found the replacement process was a fast and painless experience. while replacing their legacy interface engine, Wyoming medical center was also in the processes of implementing a computerized physician order entry system, or CPOE, as a part of Meaningful Use. this meant integration analysts, like pratt, needed to convert the interfaces for the engine conversion in addition to the CPOE interfaces.

“At first i thought, this is going to be too much. however, it turned out to be a non-issue because we were able to convert the interfaces so easily,” explained Pratt. “Being able to manage all these different interfacing projects is the incredible value that Corepoint Integration Engine delivers.”

Pratt and the integration team at Wyoming Medical Center have been impressed with the easy-to-use interface development, in addition to other features such as documentation and interface monitoring.

“The pharmacist who handles the pharmacy systems we interface with can view his connections, review his logs, and do some of his own troubleshooting,” said Pratt. “That’s a very nice feature we have not had before.”

Pratt continued, “The graphing is useful, the ability to filter and find specific messages easily is very helpful and the interface alerting tools are great as well.”

Using Corepoint Integration Engine, Pratt has been able to complete projects that would have been difficult to do using the legacy interface engine. One project in particular required 18 interfaces to go into production simultaneously. Allergy information entered into one system needed to be shared and updated within several other systems and vice versa. For ease of testing and because the systems were all connected, Pratt decided to coordinate the production at the same time.

“Corepoint Health support helped with the more complex interfaces, but the development of the others went quickly and the production turned out to be a non-issue,” said Pratt. “Taking the interfaces live with Corepoint Integration Engine was so easy that we experienced no problems. It would have been very difficult to do this same project using our previous interface engine.”

“We are pleased Wyoming Medical Center chose to implement Corepoint Integration Engine,” said Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health. “We prioritize the user experience throughout all of our processes; it is an essential part of who we are as a company. Hearing Wyoming Medical Center’s comments validate our approach, and we are excited about what they have been able to achieve with their talented team.”

“I think Corepoint Integration Engine is a very, very good product,” concluded Pratt. “Corepoint Integration Engine is very well designed and intuitive to use. it’s actually fun to develop interfaces."

About Wyoming Medical Center

Wyoming medical center is a 209 bed not-for-profit (501c3) acute care hospital in the center of Wyoming. The campus covers approximately four city blocks with 912,109 square feet of space. Our central location in Wyoming is convenient and easy-to-access for the thousands of patients we are entrusted to care for each year. with its 192 physicians on staff, Wyoming Medical Center offers more than 50 specialties with two centers of excellence: the heart center of Wyoming and Wyoming neuroscience and spine institute. both centers have received national rankings and recognition for quality measures, outstanding care and service.


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