Washington Imaging Services Enhances Workflow with NeoTool Interface Engine

PLANO, Texas, April 22, 2008 – Washington Imaging Services, (WIS) further enhances their ability to deploy new interfaces by installing NeoTool’s robust NeoIntegrate™ interface engine.

An existing data feed from MEDITECH provided the starting point for NeoIntegrate to replace WIS’s older interfaces and to build new interfaces to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

“After installing NeoIntegrate, we became independent of Microsoft BizTalk for our report integration needs and quickly began implementing interfaces with EMRs. We now have the capability from an applications perspective to route all of our radiology reports electronically,” said Barb Hageman, Director of Information Technology.

The motivation for WIS to provide interfacing with referring physicians’ offices was to reduce the turnaround time between patient scans and the time the report is received by the physician’s office thereby enhancing their ability to correlate needed diagnostic information in a much faster manner. Hageman explained that more physicians are requesting electronic data exchanges for receiving patient information and reports.

“We accomplished our goal. Following NeoIntegrate’s deployment, our turnaround times to our integrated offices have been greatly reduced now that we can interface directly with them. There’s no more faxing or need for couriers to get reports to physician’s offices that have the required EMR,” said Hageman. The added flexibility gained through the use of NeoIntegrate makes continued enhancement to the relationship with referring physicians a reality for WIS. They are in the planning stage to add additional interfaces with other EMRs and their medical billing system, to further improve workflow.

”There is nothing NeoIntegrate hasn’t been able to do. NeoIntegrate is so intuitive. There is an immediate comfort level in managing the interfaces and when we need support, NeoTool’s team has been amazing—always able to pinpoint any issues we may have,” said Hageman. “WIS is an innovative imaging center that offers excellent service to their patients. We are excited that WIS selected NeoIntegrate as their interface engine solution,” said Phil Guy, CEO of NeoTool. “The radiology practices that use NeoIntegrate tell us that they have made significant operational gains in orchestrating the patient data flow and delivering the needed interfaces to their referring physician community.”


About Washington Imaging, LLC:
Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Washington Imaging Services LLC www.washingtonimaging.com has been a leader in high-quality, cost effective, outpatient radiology imaging services since 1996.

Their 13 subspecialty trained radiologists offer advanced outpatient radiology services focused on the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging from oncological, musculoskeletal, neurological, body and cardiovascular imaging, in addition to advanced diagnostic injections and other interventional radiology procedures.

Contact: Gary Beneze or Layla Salehy 425-688-0100 or gbeneze@wisllc.com.

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