Washington County Hospital Selects Corepoint Integration Engine to Replace Existing Interface Engine in their MEDITECH Environment

Washington County Hospital replaces 40 interfaces in two weeks using Corepoint Integration Engine’s test-as-you-develop functionality

Frisco, Texas, April 28, 2010 – To improve internal workflow within their MEDITECH environment, establish connectivity with their referring physician offices, and replace an under-performing interface engine, Washington County Hospital evaluated and implemented Corepoint Integration Engine.

"We were having difficulties with our previous interface engine," said Application Manager, Robert Close. Additionally, they wanted to have better control of their integrated application environment, less dependence on application vendors, and continue to establish interfaces with their referring community of physicians. To achieve those goals, the Washington County Hospital team sought to find a more robust interface engine from a vendor dedicated to customer support.

Close continued, "Because of the ease of use, monitoring tools, alerting and notification features, along with the ability to access and review message logs based on our preferences, we selected Corepoint Health."

After a team member attended the three-day web-based Corepoint Health training, they began replacing the interfaces from their former interface engine using the test-as-you-configure features within Corepoint Integration Engine.

"Once Corepoint Integration Engine was selected, we began using their development and testing environment to configure each interface," said Close. Washington County Hospital allocated four weeks to establish the 40 interfaces, but completed the replacements in only two. "With Corepoint Integration Engine, it’s all really user-friendly to build and test interfaces yet very robust in message processing," said Application Specialist, Robert Karlin.

Regarding the value Corepoint Health brings to Washington County Hospital’s MEDITECH environment, Close commented, "Having worked in both a MEDITECH environment with and without an interface engine, with Corepoint Integration Engine, we have much more control over our interfaces. If data needs to be moved or manipulated, we can make changes without spending the time and money that would be needed if we had to depend on vendors to do it for us. There's no question, an integration engine will give you more control, better performance and save you time and money."

"We are pleased Corepoint Health was selected to provide the customer support and healthcare integration solutions Washington County Hospital desired," said Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health. "Providing the highest levels of support and interface engine functionality are central to our operating philosophy; we work very hard to deliver the best for our customers. It is always good to see the sophisticated ways in which customers, such as Washington County Hospital, are able to utilize our products and achieve real value in their integrated environment."

About Washington County Hospital
Washington County Hospital is a not-for-profit, 260 bed, acute care facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland that serves the residents of Western Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. http://www.washingtoncountyhospital.com 

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