How 3 Healthcare System Leaders Are Tackling Data Interoperability Challenges

How 3 Healthcare System Leaders Are Tackling Data Interoperability Challenges

To achieve meaningful interoperability, now and in the future, healthcare organizations across the country are having to rethink the way they approach clinical data exchange.

Produced in partnership with HIMSS Media, this whitepaper features the perspectives of three healthcare executives:

Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has struggled with achieving meaningful interoperability. As highlighted in a 2017 Health Affairs study, the healthcare industry has been plagued by numerous obstacles related to data exchange, a situation slowing healthcare organizations’ abilities to trade key clinical information between different trading partners, including other providers and health information exchanges (HIEs).

The health system leaders we interviewed discussed how they are rising to the challenges of:

  • Meeting provider expectations about what kind of data they want and need to support the continuity of care – while at the same time reducing costs
  • Keeping up with evolving health data standards, such as FHIR(R), and the regulatory changes such as the CMS and ONC rules
  • Connecting with various HIEs, which each have different ideas about how data exchange should work
  • Using data interoperability to help reduce hospital re-admissions
  • Exchanging data securely with both internal and external trading partners

Download the whitepaper now to learn what progress they're making in helping to move data from place to place, and ensuring that the data is in a form that clinical and business stakeholders can actually use.


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