Tracking COVID-19 Data with Lyniate Interoperability Platforms

Here’s how the platform can help during the COVID-19 health crisis:

  • Inspect every message or document flowing through the integration engine to identify those with COVID-19 codes, as well as site-specific codes where required. (Rhapsody has added similar flags for other results, such as MRSA and C.DIFF, which have won awards for our customers for innovation.)
  • Supports multiple message formats, including Hl7v2, CDA, FHIR, CSV, JSON, XML
  • Inspects all coded elements in your document or message
  • Log and/or report each (matching) document or message
  • A report can include all matches found in the document or message, identifying the matching codes and context
  • Add metadata for patient ID and document ID
  • Optionally send the results to a data store for extended reporting
  • Easily scale up and cope with increased volumes of testing

Read the full article on HTN website.

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