Diversified Radiology of Colorado

Diversified Radiology of Colorado

Streamlining Radiology Interfaces

To facilitate communication between two healthcare applications, a modest interface includes:

  • An export endpoint for the sending application
  • An import endpoint for the receiving application
  • A method of moving data between the two endpoints
  • A method for handling the queuing messages
  • A method for logging the flow of messages

HL7 is the most widely used data standard to facilitate the communication between two or more clinical applications. The prime benefit is that HL7 simplifies the implementation of interfaces and reduces the need for custom interfaces.

Innovative ways radiology practices improve workflow

Because health data is the cornerstone of value-based care, it’s no surprise that data interoperability is in high demand. And, because radiology has a longer history incorporating modern technology in its daily activities, Corepoint and Rhapsody customers are leading the way in providing innovative solutions to better connect with their business partners.

Automated Health Management Services

Automated Health Management Services

Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA)

Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA)

The New Radiology Rallying Point: A Logical Model for Creating Leverage in Radiology Operations

New economic and competitive pressures, along with increased customer intensity, have driven radiology organizations to re-evaluate strategic and operational plans and implement new ways to address these changes.

An integrated workflow provides a solid foundation on which to add new applications and deliver innovative services to your referring physician community.

Absent a robust foundation, implementation costs can escalate without realizing tangible results.

Rethinking Radiology Workflow

Automating workflow processes

Imaging centers are targeting both internal and external workflow to gain significant improvement in service delivery and, at the same time, making progress toward the realization of the electronic health record.

Workflow improvements also are proving to decrease operational costs. Making this possible are new alternatives available to imaging centers that offer the option of a more proactive, efficient and profitable planning and design process.

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