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Digital Health & Care Conference

How 3 Healthcare System Leaders Are Tackling Data Interoperability Challenges

How 3 Healthcare System Leaders Are Tackling Data Interoperability Challenges

To achieve meaningful interoperability, now and in the future, healthcare organizations across the country are having to rethink the way they approach clinical data exchange.

Produced in partnership with HIMSS Media, this white paper features the perspectives of three healthcare executives:

Solving Today’s Interoperability Gaps

Solving Today’s Interoperability Gaps

Mandated Interoperability: Strategic Differentiator or Compliance Project?

Mandated Interoperability: Strategic Differentiator or Compliance Project?

How Will The Information Blocking Rule Impact Interoperability Gaps?

How Will The Information Blocking Rule Impact Interoperability Gaps?

Corepoint Health Announces New Turnkey Interoperability Solution

Corepoint One Marks First Solution Launch Since Rhapsody Merger; Represents Continued Innovation, Commitment to Client Base

FRISCO, Texas, July 30, 2019  Corepoint Health, a leading provider in healthcare integration and interoperability, announced today its newest solution, Corepoint One. This is the company’s first solution launch since merging with Rhapsody in early July.

Corepoint Health releases version 7.2 of Corepoint Integration Engine, providing greater cloud and database support, and increased web service functionality

Corepoint Health Earns KLAS® Integration Engine Category Leader for 10th Consecutive Year

Corepoint Health’s Corepoint Integration Engine Version 7.1 Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

The Role of an Integration Engine in Modern Healthcare

In today’s connected healthcare environment, the role of an interface engine should enable faster deployment times of high quality interfaces by IT professionals with a wide range of skill sets. With healthcare data flowing through it, an integration engine should ease connections to remote care facilities (e.g., physician practices, labs, radiology centers, etc.), leverage the data to improve operations, allow the adoption and implementation of new technology that improves workflows for caregivers, and uses data to connect patients to their care.

Streamlining Radiology Interfaces

To facilitate communication between two healthcare applications, a modest interface includes:

  • An export endpoint for the sending application
  • An import endpoint for the receiving application
  • A method of moving data between the two endpoints
  • A method for handling the queuing messages
  • A method for logging the flow of messages

HL7 is the most widely used data standard to facilitate the communication between two or more clinical applications. The prime benefit is that HL7 simplifies the implementation of interfaces and reduces the need for custom interfaces.

HL7 FHIR Primer

The HL7 FHIR Primer will help you plan a modern, integrated healthcare IT environment. 

This white paper provides an in-depth look at how FHIR will change the future of health data exchange, including:

  • How FHIR utilizes modern, “lightweight” methods for data exchange
  • A comparison to standards in use today
  • Where might FHIR be used?
  • Where does FHIR go from here?
  • What are the advances in FHIR today?

The Future of Interoperability: Web APIs & HL7 FHIR

Gain a better understanding of the potential FHIR APIs have to transform how data is exchanged throughout the industry. API access to EHR databases allow outside applications access to patient data at the source of truth, permitting new methods to interact with the data that offer exciting opportunities for interoperability

This white paper details how providers can leverage API integration to reap the benefits of APIs alongside HL7 FHIR, which, when used together, will standardize API data exchange across the industry.

APIs in Healthcare

This white paper serves as an educational resource to healthcare providers and technology staff about APIs, and covers the following topics:

  • Definition of an API
  • API Benefits for Providers
  • The new API strategy
  • Unique healthcare challenges
  • Hybrid integration environment
  • Where do we go from here?

Corepoint Health’s Corepoint Integration Engine earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

Improving patient-centric measurement in value-based care

The healthcare industry is shifting towards value-based care models, but how we measure value is still stuck in the past. Over the last few decades, healthcare has built up a preponderance of process measures, but remains lacking in effective outcomes measures. Despite widespread adoption of EHRs and the technology needed to make data interoperable, most health systems still fare poorly at measuring anything that happens after the patient leaves their facilities.

Corepoint Health Named Top-Rated Integration Engine in Healthcare by KLAS Research for Eighth Consecutive Year

Latest Release of Corepoint Integration Engine Furthers Corepoint Health’s Commitment to the use of APIs for Health Data Exchange

HL7 FHIR Use Cases

HL7 FHIR has the potential to change to the way data is communicated across the healthcare. See FHIR use cases for lab orders and immunization data. 

Innovative ways radiology practices improve workflow

Because health data is the cornerstone of value-based care, it’s no surprise that data interoperability is in high demand. And, because radiology has a longer history incorporating modern technology in its daily activities, Corepoint and Rhapsody customers are leading the way in providing innovative solutions to better connect with their business partners.

Create Interoperability with any EHR

Lyniate solutions are transforming the way hospitals and clinics meet their interoperability and operational challenges.

No matter which EHR is in use, healthcare providers of all sizes are accomplishing the interoperability goals with Lyniate.

  • Seamlessly exchange data with any EHR system.
  • Ease of use means support staff can monitor and manipulate individual messages.

Corepoint Health’s Corepoint Integration Engine Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

HIMSS Analytics Report: Current State of Health Data Interoperability in the U.S. Trends, Challenges and Strategies for Success

Corepoint Health Commissioned HIMSS Analytics to conduct an independent focus group of health IT executives to provide a snapshot of current strategies, successes, and challenges affecting the industry today.

  • Focus group participants represented hospitals ranging in size from 275 beds to 722 beds.
  • Key findings in the report include frustrations over the readiness of external data exchange partners, including health information exchange (HIE) organizations and other provider organizations.

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