HL7 FHIR Primer

The HL7 FHIR Primer will help you plan a modern, integrated healthcare IT environment. 

This white paper provides an in-depth look at how FHIR will change the future of health data exchange, including:

  • How FHIR utilizes modern, “lightweight” methods for data exchange
  • A comparison to standards in use today
  • Where might FHIR be used?
  • Where does FHIR go from here?
  • What are the advances in FHIR today?

The Future of Interoperability: Web APIs & HL7 FHIR

Gain a better understanding of the potential FHIR APIs have to transform how data is exchanged throughout the industry. API access to EHR databases allow outside applications access to patient data at the source of truth, permitting new methods to interact with the data that offer exciting opportunities for interoperability

This white paper details how providers can leverage API integration to reap the benefits of APIs alongside HL7 FHIR, which, when used together, will standardize API data exchange across the industry.

HL7 NTE Segment


HL7 IN1 Segment


HL7 NK1 Segment


FHIR Resources

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Corepoint Health CTO Dave Shaver Appointed to HL7 International’s Board of Directors

HL7 FHIR Use Cases

HL7 FHIR has the potential to change to the way data is communicated across the healthcare. See FHIR use cases for lab orders and immunization data. 

Happy Birthday, HL7!

HL7 International recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, which caused me to reflect on my career. I’ve been working with HL7 for a long time. Many other people worked with HL7 long before I even entered the game. I really enjoy what I do and I think HL7 is fantastic. 


HL7 PV1 segment


HL7 MSH (Message Header)


HL7 ORM Message


HL7 RDE Message


HL7 Separator Character Codes


HL7 SIU Message


Refined Message Information Models (R-MIM)


Versions of the HL7 Standard

HL7 MDM message


greenCDA – Definition

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D-MIM-Domain Message Information Model

The Domain Message Information Model (D-MIM) is a subset of the HL7 V3 RIM model, and is used to create messages for a particular domain.


Health Level Seven (HL7)


HL7 Batch File Protocol

HL7 batch files allow one or more messages to be sent in a single file, using specialized segments in a structure that mirrors HL7 defined message types.

HL7 Messages


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