Untangling Consolidated CDA in Meaningful Use Stage 2

Consolidated CDA merged onto the scene with the announcement of the final rule for Meaningful Use Stage 2 in February 2012. A term unheard of by most before the final rule, C-CDA was an attempt to correct some of the difficulties of the CCD version mandated for Meaningful Use Stage 1. As of 2014, Consolidated CDA remains a Draft Standard for Trial Use, which has drawn some criticism, but it still offers many advantages over standards used in Meaningful Use Stage 1.

Consolidated CDA is a compilation of nine different types of documents, including a revised CCD, and is utilized to construct the summary documents for Meaningful Use Stage 2. This paper serves to untangle some of the terminology around Consolidated CDA, including answering:

  • How is Consolidated CDA different from CDA?
  • How is CCR related to CCD and CDA?
  • Summary of Care, Patient Summary, Clinical Summary and Export Summary: What are they?

greenCDA – Definition

#CDA  #HL7 


CDA is a flexible health standard which uses the XML language and is unique in that it can be read by the human eye or processed by a machine.

#HL7  #CDA 

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