Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Deploys NeoIntegrate to Replace Point-to-Point Interfaces

PLANO, Texas, August 26, 2008 – Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI), a high volume, outpatient imaging center in the Las Vegas, Nevada area deploys NeoIntegrate™ as their interfacing solution to further automate the flow of information and to reduce vendor costs of updating various point-to-point interfaces.

“With an increasing number of studies conducted, automating the flow of information is essential. Our radiology workflow needs to be robust, consistent, and rapid. To achieve these objectives, selecting the right vendors must be based on results,” said Don Shackley, Chief Information Officer.

Shackley continued, “Our primary objectives were two-fold. First, we needed to reduce the fees paid to vendors each time an interface needed to be modified or updated. Second, we needed more control and flexibility in making the interface changes required. By putting NeoIntegrate in the middle of our workflow, we gained greater efficiency and productivity in sending reports to referring physicians.”

“NeoIntegrate has been amazingly easy to use and is well thought out in how interfaces are created and monitored,” said Shackley.
In addition to gaining more control in upgrading interfaces, SDMI is experiencing a greater competitive advantage with the flexibility of NeoIntegrate that has helped improve workflow and their relationships with their referring physician base.

“Now we are capable of sending all our HL7 feeds from RIS, PACS, and other application systems through NeoIntegrate and then direct them to the right locations in the correct format. NeoIntegrate has given us the ability to interface with EMR systems, which allows us to send reports directly to the referring physician,” said Shackley.

Moving forward, SDMI is planning to initiate connections with several physician EMR systems, further automating their reporting process, maintaining their competitive position within their market.

“From their early support of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to their efforts to connect electronically with their referring community, SDMI is a pioneering imaging center diligently focused on delivering the best service possible. We are excited that NeoIntegrate was selected as their integration platform to further streamline their workflow and strengthen their relationships with their referring physician community,” said Phil Guy, CEO of NeoTool.

About Steinberg Diagnostic:
Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is a leader in high volume, high quality, and outpatient radiology imaging services since 1988.

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