Radiology & Imaging Specialists Enhances Billing Processes and Radiology Workflow Performance with Corepoint Integration Engine

Radiology & Imaging Specialists, an advanced radiology and imaging group serving central Florida, implemented Corepoint Integration Engine to enhance their radiology workflows and eliminate manual inefficiencies in their billing processes. Corepoint Integration Engine serves as the IT foundation for implementing various strategic and operational initiatives for Radiology & Imaging Specialists.

“Enhanced workflow performance and more efficient billing processes were two of our primary objectives for implementing an integration engine into our radiology environment,” said David Marichal, Assistant Executive Officer, R.T. (R) (CT) (MR), CIIP.

“Building custom point-to-point interfaces to our referring hospitals was costly and time intensive. Equally inefficient was the lack of an integrated, manageable data flow between our different internal applications.”

“We simply needed a better way to interface with our referring hospital base and streamline the data flow between our radiology applications. Corepoint Health delivered that solution and is now a strategic enabler for our key initiatives,” said Marichal.

After implementing Corepoint Integration Engine, Radiology & Imaging Specialists has experienced several process and operational improvements. Reducing resource costs and implementation times has raised process efficiency significantly.

“A perfect example of a workflow inefficiency prior to Corepoint Health was our billing process. Our old approach required us to perform billing activities manually, which required a dedicated number of FTEs,” Marichal stated.

“Using Corepoint Integration Engine has substantially improved our billing processes and decreased our staffing costs. We are now able to perform electronic charge-capture, eliminating the need to wait on couriers, manually print, and physically sort face sheets from multiple referring hospitals. This is just one example of how Corepoint Health’s solutions delivered real value to our operations.”

“Overall, I recommend that any radiology group looking to stay competitive, expand their business, and improve their operational efficiency implement a platform to integrate their operations and workflows. Corepoint Health is our partner to enable these key initiatives,” said Marichal.

“We are pleased that Corepoint Health has played a significant role in enabling Radiology & Imaging Specialists to gain efficiencies in their billing processes and enhance their overall workflow performance. Radiology & Imaging Specialists is an innovator in the radiology market, and we are excited to be a partner in helping them to accomplish their objectives to deliver the highest quality, efficient radiology and imaging services to their referring physician and hospital communities,” said Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health.


About Radiology & Imaging Specialists:
Radiology & Imaging Specialists offers advanced radiology and imaging services throughout Central Florida for more than 30 years. Currently, Radiology & Imaging Specialists has approximately 20 physicians and 4 imaging centers and are affiliated with Lakeland Regional Medical Center, Winter Haven Hospital, Bartow Regional Medical Center, Bert Fish Medical Center and the Bond Clinic.

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