Radiology Associates of San Antonio Transforms IT Environment Using Corepoint Health Solutions

PLANO, Texas, September 14, 2009 – Radiology Associates of San Antonio, P.A., an advanced radiology group, implements Corepoint Integration Engine and DICOM gear to streamline radiology workflows, reduce costs, and add competitive advantages in the marketplace.

As a part of a practice-wide initiative to enhance interoperability and workflow efficiency, adopting a robust, innovative integration platform was fundamental to provide greater control in implementing and managing new interfaces, and pivotal in modernizing the manner in which professional reads for DICOM studies are processed within the workflow cycle.

"Essentially, all of our interfaces were point-to-point. It was a major task to alter or adjust our interfaces to meet each vendor’s requirements. To initiate a new interface could take up to 90 or 100 days. We were constantly waiting in a vendor backlog of queues even though many times simple adjustments in data fields and behavior logic was required,” stated Timothy L. Gould R.T.R MR, PACS Administrator, San Antonio Radiology Associates, P.A.

Gould continued, "In making the decision to adopt Corepoint Integration Engine, we wanted to take direct responsibility and control over our IT environment. Using Corepoint Integration Engine, we can now implement and adjust our interfaces as needed within our own timeframes."

DICOM Storage SCP Implementation

"By adding Corepoint Health’s DICOM solution, we added greater value by reducing costs and enhancing radiologist productivity. Implementing the DICOM Storage SCP gear with the Corepoint Integration Engine allowed us to bring our outside read environment directly into the same workflow where 90% of our readings are processed."

"Our radiologists no longer have to identify where the study originated, now they seamlessly dictate and transcribe reports for orders delivered to their worklist based on the data logic provided by Corepoint Integration Engine. We’ve cut 50% of the manual registration time required to process outside readings. The DICOM gear within Corepoint Integration Engine has also helped us to further reduce errors and streamline the report cycle," said Gould.

Competitively, the implementation of Corepoint Integration Engine provided the needed technological edge to gain greater market share and enable the radiologist group to send data electronically to referring hospitals and physician EMRs, significantly reducing turnaround times and eliminating manual processing.

"Corepoint Integration Engine has become a valuable solution to our integration initiatives. Implementing Corepoint Integration Engine has enabled us to service a greater number of hospitals and clinics with multiple EMR systems in a productive and timely manner. Presently, we are the only radiology group in the area capable of directly interfacing with hospital and clinical EMR systems. This would not be possible without Corepoint Health’s solution,” said Gould.

Gould concluded, “Purchasing Corepoint Health’s integration engine has been the best decision we’ve ever made. From implementation to support, we have had a phenomenal experience with Corepoint Health’s support team. They are the best support team in any industry that I have ever worked with."

"Radiology Associates of San Antonio’s tremendous progress and dedication to delivering the best radiological services to its clients is truly admirable, and we are pleased our solutions helped another quality group to enable these results and efficiencies. This highlights, once again, how the right IT infrastructure can add significant operational value and success for a radiology group. Working with Radiology Associates of San Antonio has been tremendously rewarding for our team. They are a dedicated group with a clear mission of improving the lives of their patients through innovative diagnostic services. Radiology Associates of San Antonio is clearly a leader in their industry," said Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health.

Radiology Associates of San Antonio, P.A.
Radiology Associates of San Antonio, P.A. is an advanced medical imaging practice, serving South Texas for over 40 years. They provide patients state-of-the-art professional radiology care in an outpatient setting.

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