Patient Advocate and Artist to Present Keynote Speech at Corepoint Health User Conference

Artist and patient advocate Regina Holliday will deliver the keynote speech October 5 at Corepoint Connect 2012, Corepoint Health’s user group conference. Corepoint Connect will be held October 3-5 in Plano, Texas.

Holliday has gained recognition for The Walking Gallery patient advocacy movement, which consists of health IT leaders, medical providers, and patients wearing to healthcare conferences artwork painted on the back of their jacket by Holliday or other artists. The artwork each walking gallery participant wears represents a personal medical experience often illustrating the benefits of health IT and patient access to their personal health records, two causes that became personal to Holliday after her husband’s prolonged battle with cancer.

“I paint and speak at conferences all over the country to raise awareness about the importance of the patient story, the power of electronic medical records, and the need for patient accessibility to their data,” Holliday said. “I’m really looking forward to painting about health data exchange at Corepoint Connect 12 for the IT professionals who make this their life’s work. I hope to convey to them that the work they do on a daily basis provides a benefit to so many.”

Jon Mertz, vice president of marketing at Corepoint Health, said the opportunity to invite Holliday to address the health IT professionals at Corepoint Connect 12 is a great way to remind attendees of the true reason behind all the technology efforts underway in healthcare: patient care.

“I have admired Regina’s artwork and advocacy efforts for several years after being introduced to her through the health IT social media community. Not only is her Walking Gallery a great example of the e-patient movement, it also is ideal motivation for health IT professionals and the critical work they do in modernizing healthcare technology and providing the framework for patient data exchange.”

Holliday paints and speaks at medical conferences throughout the world. Her advocacy efforts and artwork have been covered by several media outlets including, CNN, CBS, NPR, the BBC, and The Washington Post. During Corepoint Connect 12, Holliday will paint on canvas based on topics presented in sessions and individual conversations she has with attendees. 

The Corepoint Health User Group consists of customers and Corepoint Health interoperability experts who share advice and ask specific questions about Corepoint Integration Engine and health IT topics. Corepoint Connect 2012 will be held at the Marriott at Legacy Town Center and will include formal training sessions on Corepoint Integration Engine and relevant healthcare integration topics. 

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