OakBend Medical Center Implements Corepoint Integration Engine in their Paragon® Environment

OakBend Medical Center reduces interfacing costs, improves workflow and eases the transition to a new Hospital Information System

FRISCO, Texas, August 25, 2010 – OakBend Medical Center, located in Richmond, Texas, implements Corepoint Integration Engine to improve workflow, lower interfacing costs, and gain greater control of its integrated health IT environment.

OakBend Medical Center decided to explore alternative interfacing solutions following the implementation of its new hospital information system – Paragon®. "The initial decision was simply cost savings. If we had paid for all of our needed point-to-point interfaces, it would have been considerably more expensive,” said senior systems analyst and primary user of the integration engine, Ted Perryman.

A thorough evaluation along with recommendations from several hospitals made the decision to select Corepoint Integration Engine simple. Usability and control were also important factors in the decision. "The Corepoint Health product did not require programming. I am a programmer; however, others who help me, and will work with the integration engine in the future, are not,” said Perryman. "Therefore, we chose Corepoint Integration Engine for its ease of use and because non-programming team members will be able to quickly learn to create and manage interfaces.”

For OakBend Medical Center, the implementation process was easier than expected. In addition to managing connections from its Paragon HIS to other McKesson systems such as Horizon Blood Bank™ and Horizon Patient Folder™, OakBend Medical Center manages connections to a variety of vendor systems, including CBORD, Novarad, Phillips iSite, Intellicure, and GE Centricity. "It was a very seamless transition,” said Perryman. "Corepoint Integration Engine has a lot of power, and it fulfills our requirements today as well as in the future.”

In addition to usability and control, OakBend Medical Center has been able to use Corepoint Integration Engine and its logging and management features to diagnose and help resolve issues between vendor systems. "There have been several instances where we would have been 'stuck in the mud' if it weren’t for the flexibility of Corepoint Interface Engine," exclaimed Perryman. He continued, "Corepoint Integration Engine is an extremely stable system. If there is an interface issue, it is on one side or the other, not the interface engine.”

Moreover, OakBend Medical Center is able to test Paragon updates with Corepoint Integration Engine to make sure the updates do not disturb existing workflow. "We can test Paragon updates to ensure the interfaces are work properly,” said Perryman. "If an upgrade changes something within a connection, we can make the modifications in the integration engine to make sure upgrades and updates run smoothly.” Regarding the selection and overall impact of Corepoint Integration Engine, Perryman concluded, "The reason I would go with Corepoint Integration Engine is because it is extremely stable, which is important to me. From a technical perspective, it is a home run. The product is easy to use and you don’t need to be a programmer to use it.”

"We are pleased that OakBend Medical Center is using Corepoint Integration Engine to strategically and operationally meet their interfacing challenges. It is rewarding for everyone at Corepoint Health to see our customers optimize their integrated environment with Corepoint Health solutions,” said Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health.

About OakBend Medical Center
OakBend Medical Center one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare facilities in Fort Bend County. As the only Level III, Advanced Trauma Center, it offers award winning services such as cancer care, diabetes, heart and vascular care (including specialized wound treatment). OakBend Medical Center averages 240 physicians on staff and offers more than 25 specialties. It is one of the best equipped community hospitals in the area with the newest technology, state-of-the-art information systems and patient diagnostic equipment. www.oakbendmedcenter.org.

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