North Kansas City Hospital Optimizes Integration Environment with Corepoint Integration Engine

North Kansas City Hospital Replaces Legacy Interface Engine and Selects Corepoint Health for Robust Product Features and Support

Frisco, Texas – March 29, 2011 – North Kansas City Hospital has migrated to Corepoint Integration Engine, replacing their legacy interface engine, in order to accommodate broader requirements, a better user experience and gain comprehensive product support.

North Kansas City Hospital, one of the largest hospitals serving the Kansas City metropolitan area, has consistently prioritized functionality within its integrated environment. “While we were looking for a stable integration engine to replace our legacy solution, we didn't want to lose any of our existing functionality,” said Kelley McFarland, interface analyst of IT Applications. 

“It was very important to us to have reliable product support and to work with a company that would continue to focus diligently on healthcare integration and proactively enhance functionality to meet new demands,” said McFarland.

North Kansas City Hospital evaluated a number of interface engine solutions based on functionality and support, in addition to auditing capabilities, the flexibility to accommodate HL7 and X12 message structures and the ability to write to a database. Key features such as alerting and having a Windows platform were also influential in the decision.

As a final factor in the evaluation, North Kansas City Hospital asked a representative from each company to come on site and demonstrate their product. “We provided each vendor with one of the more difficult interfaces from our existing interface engine, and challenged them to reproduce it using their product,” explained McFarland. “We were looking for intuitive and simple development and testing for our new integration engine, and the functionality of the Corepoint Health solution was impressive.”

The Corepoint Integration Engine user experience was a noticeable improvement from the hospital’s legacy interface engine. In addition to functionality, Corepoint Health offered a number of educational opportunities to provide North Kansas City Hospital with tools to accomplish projects independently. “Prior to Corepoint Health, more programming knowledge was needed to develop and maintain the interfaces,” explained McFarland. “Corepoint is easy to use and it is intuitive. Even when I don’t know how to do something, I can intuitively figure it out.”

North Kansas City Hospital has been pleased regarding its experience with Corepoint Integration Engine as well as its relationship with Corepoint Health. “We recently had a visit from Phil Guy and Dave Shaver. They sat down with our interface team and discussed any questions that we had as well as things that we would like to see in the integration engine in the future,” explained McFarland. “In my experience, it is unique for a company CEO and CTO to visit and just sit down for a chat with users to get their insight and feedback.”

As integration initiatives continue to expand beyond the internal hospital environment, North Kansas City Hospital is prepared to meet the new challenges of the industry. “Our integration engine will always play a very important role in our IT plan, because it will always be necessary to move information from system to system, both inside and outside of the hospital,” said McFarland. “With Corepoint Health, we are confident that we will be able to meet future healthcare interoperability requirements.”

“Corepoint Health is pleased to be an integral part of North Kansas City Hospital’s IT strategy,” said Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health. “As healthcare information demands grow, it is increasingly important that we listen to our customers and put ourselves in their shoes so we can effectively support their integration projects now, and in the future. The team at North Kansas City Hospital is a very dedicated group, and we look forward to building on our partnership in a productive, meaningful way.”

“There are a lot of changes that will be coming our way with Meaningful Use and I expect a lot of interface needs in the future,” said McFarland. “With Corepoint Health, we are using an integration engine that gets information where it needs to be.”


About North Kansas City Hospital

North Kansas City Hospital is a 451-licensed bed acute-care facility ranked as one of the largest hospitals in the Kansas City metro area. Patients receive a full continuum of services including care provided through five Centers of Excellence: Northland Cancer Center, Northland Women’s Center, Northland Cardiac Center, Northland Orthopedic Center and Northland Emergency Center. The Hospital is one of the largest employers in the Kansas City metro area with over 3,000 employees. In January 2011, the Northland Cardiac Center opened to further enhance the Hospital’s cardiac services in a project totaling $13 million followed by completion in February 2011 of a $17 million project to renovate two maternity floors. 

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