NeoTool Launches Forward-Thinking Web Services-Based Platform for Healthcare Networks

CareGateway™ Delivers Secure, Scalable Integration Solution to Reach Growing Number of Remote Care Locations PLANO, Texas, June 18, 2008 – NeoTool announces CareGateway, a new web services-based application that provides an innovative, forward-thinking solution for exchanging patient data with remote point of care locations. Key value points of CareGateway include:

  • Security through web services
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for VPNs
  • Accelerated data exchange with menu-driven configuration and deployment
  • Proactive IT service levels through robust monitoring and activity tracking
  • Rapid deployments at remote care locations utilizing CareAgent™ technology – no communication infrastructure changes required at remote facilities

CareGateway was developed to replace traditional VPNs that often require complex setup methods and tedious management to run smoothly. CareGateway resolves long-standing VPN barriers concerning scalability, security, and supportability in transmitting vital patient data through remote network firewalls to numerous points of care (e.g., Electronic Medical Record – EMR applications). Integrated healthcare initiatives require a way to connect efficiently with hundreds of remote locations and exchange data securely with a centrally-hosted application. In addition to the need for secure data transmission, healthcare organizations also require the capability to receive and send patient information in a consistent, reliable manner without having to address firewall configuration issues at each location.

As the eHealth Initiative Blueprint: Building Consensus for Common Action (October 2007) points out, "High quality and efficient patient care is supported by the deployment and use of interoperable health IT and secure data exchange between and across all relevant stakeholders."

CareGateway’s unique solution lies in utilizing web services to securely transmit data between remote points of care or EMR applications and a centrally located system. CareGateway utilizes a simple-to-use interface that provides consolidated monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, and easy setup of new remote clients. Additionally, this web services-based approach allows for simplified maintenance and integration for all connected sites, eliminating many of the hassles in troubleshooting communication issues and exchanging patient data with differing formats.

“With the CareGateway solution, the installation and maintenance costs are simply much lower than that of traditional healthcare integration and communication approaches." said Phil Guy, CEO at NeoTool.

In addition to its web technology approach, CareGateway’s platform was developed utilizing NeoTool’s highly rated integration platform, which provides additional levels of demonstrated capability in monitoring and managing high traffic data flow from pervasive EMR systems to any healthcare application. This capability includes supporting different types of data formats and standards, including HL7 and XML messages and the ability to populate a Continuity of Care Document or Record (CCD or CCR).

CareGateway, working in tandem with CareAgent, delivers independence and speed. With the locally installed CareAgent, remote point of care locations can continue to use their traditional communication vehicles (e.g., TCP/IP) while the central location can utilize more innovative communication methods (e.g., web services) to more quickly implement patient data exchanges at a lower cost.

"Using NeoIntegrate as the foundation for implementing connectivity through web services was a natural," said Dave Shaver, CTO at NeoTool. “NeoIntegrate is already established as a powerful and easy-to-manage interface engine. Working with NeoTool’s customers, we built the mailboxing extension and related systems to manage and monitor a broad range of communication activity to extend NeoIntegrate’s capability. We are pleased with the initial reaction to CareGateway and how our customers can now meet the increasing demands of connected healthcare in an effective, practical manner.”

CareGateway users will find similar functionality and flexibility that makes NeoIntegrate one of the top-rated interface engines on the market. In deploying CareGateway, healthcare organizations can expect:

  • Freedom from cumbersome VPN systems
  • Quick turnaround times on communicating patient data
  • Scalability to meet increased demands for EMR integration or other point of care applications
  • Lowered cost of implementation and support in extending physician outreach
  • Lowered barriers to entry at remote locations – no communication infrastructure changes required at remote site
  • Centralized monitoring of entire network of connected sites

“Our highest priority is to listen to our customers and equip them with solutions to enhance patient care while lowering their operational costs. We believe CareGateway is one more demonstrated example of new innovation from NeoTool in solving healthcare integration and communication challenges today and for the future,” said Guy.

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