NeoTool Expands Healthcare Interface Testing Features and Adds Code Set Translation Functionality to Integration Engine

New Release Further Enhances Productivity in Configuring and Testing Healthcare Interfaces and Strengthens Interface Monitoring with Message Flow Statistical Views

PLANO, Texas, December 10, 2008 – NeoTool announces its latest version of NeoIntegrate ™, which continues to optimize the configure-test-manage-protect cycle for healthcare interfacing. The value delivered with NeoIntegrate’s newest features and functionality includes:

  • Greater interface quality through new test message manager functionality
  • Higher re-usability of data transformation logic through added action list calls
  • Efficiently meet expanded interface requirements with new code set translation capabilities
  • strengthen ongoing interface management and gain insights with ground-breaking graphical view of message flow statistics

“The features and functionality delivered in this latest release demonstrate NeoTool’s keen ability to understand their customer requirements and deliver practical solutions to solve the challenges of healthcare integration,” said Sally A. Niks,csp, application engineer, Floyd Medical Center. “every day, the NeoTool integration engine has proven to deliver value to our operations, and the value continues to grow with each new release. the upgrade process to the latest release is one of the smoothest that i have experienced from any vendor.”

test message manager – enhancing interface quality
the latest neointegrate release offers enhanced testing features such as new loading options that allow users to load test files as a single, unparsed message, as a file of messages, or as an individual message. in addition, the new test message manager offers testing of specific messages without the requirement to create customized files. users can select specific messages in a file or folder for testing and store remaining messages for future the message tests are run during the interface configuration process, the new features provide more complete and easier access to test results. the ability to compare the input and output messages provides a more comprehensive review to enhance quality checks prior to deployment.

“testing interfaces as you configure them is essential. it enhances the quality of the interface and, equally important, it reduces the cycle time of deploying robust interfaces. neotool has moved neointegrate to a comprehensive communication platform. we are able to not only integrate our medical systems but bring a whole new level of functionality to our business because of what neointegrate provides.” stated jason wilson, software engineering manager, austin radiological association.

wilson continued, “the neotool integration engine has always been strong in its testing approach. with this latest release, the new test message manager enhances the flexibility and robustness of testing the data transformation while streamlining the process by managing sets of data and viewing the results in easy-to-understand panes. comparing input and output messages is simplified.”

action list calls – expanding workflow logic re-usability
neointegrate has an innovative approach to configuring data transformation logic. with the addition of action list call functionality, interface analysts configure re-usable subsets of data logic and mapping. key benefits of using the new functionality include:

  • re-use of frequently used groups of actions
  • test a sub-set of actions, independent of the rest of the action list
  • insulate a group of actions for separate development and testing
  • efficiently maintain frequently used actions

code set translation – adding new code set conversion capabilities
neointegrate’s code translation features provides the capability to productively address the varying code sets that are sent and received from diverse providers within a healthcare community (trading partners). mappings are now easily implemented and maintained within neointegrate’s configuration settings. no more manual look-up is required.

“the simplicity of managing code sets and adding code lookups in an interface is impressive. neotool’s approach with the new code set correlation functionality solves real challenges in a very practical, useful manner,” stated craig c. regester, business systems analyst, unity physician group, p.c.
neointegrate’s code set conversion delivers key value in the following areas:

  • streamlined clinical data flow: processing of clinical or billing data is efficient with no manual intervention. data flows through neointegrate smoothly and quickly, automatically making the code translations as defined.
  • enhanced accuracy in code translations: translation tables are defined once and require no additional intervention. manual look-up of codes and tedious translation efforts are eliminated.
  • lowered costs in implementing code translations: reliance on databases to house lengthy code sets is no longer required. maintenance is minimized with no additional software costs, enabling quick and effective implementation for multiple trading partners.

neointegrate’s code set translation feature is flexible enough for users to build or import code sets and map them to one another in correlations – all through a menu-driven approach. the added functionality of the code set conversion feature eliminates the error prone hassle of manual look-up.

graphical message flow statistics – strengthening interface management
with the enhanced neointegrate management console users can view a more detailed view of message flow and critical statistical information in real-time – in text or as graphical format. the enhanced graphical interface report offers additional statistical information, such as the age of messages, rate of message delivery, and estimation of lag time before the connection catches up to current messages. using message flow statistics, interfaces can be more precisely monitored so that bottlenecks can be more easily identified and problems pinpointed and solved.
additional features in this release include:

  • enhanced native high availability for integration engine: neointegrate assured availability (a2) is simplified through consolidated configuration and monitoring features.
  • added x12 support: with this additional functionality, users can parse and encode x12 transactions as defined in version 4010.
  • advanced log file filtering: connection logs can now be filtered by metadata and history in addition to the previous options of event types, message data, and time allowing for easier access to existing data. furthermore, logs can also be filtered by multiple data values.

“we continually strive for innovative ways to offer greater value to our customers. with each release, we listen to our customers and the interfacing challenges they face, and we work hard to deliver real, practical value that enables them to meet the increasing demands of healthcare integration in a very productive way,” said dave shaver, cto at neotool.

shaver continued, “the newest release of neointegrate demonstrates our commitment to deliver increased value through enhanced features (e.g., test message manager, action list calls) and advanced functionality (e.g., graphical message flow statistics, code set conversions).”

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