NeoTool Delivers Native High Availability Solution for Interface Engine

NeoIntegrate Assured Availability™ Offers Seamless, Native High Availability; Simple to Use, Robust to Ensure Healthcare Information Exchanges Occur Continuously & Consistently

PLANO, Texas, February 26, 2008 – NeoTool has added high availability functionality to its healthcare interface engine – NeoIntegrate™. With this release, NeoTool has delivered affordable, simple-to-manage high availability for the clinical data exchange environment. Features of NeoIntegrate Assured Availability (A2) include:

  • Built within the NeoIntegrate communications platform to simplify deployment
  • Proactive alert sent when primary server fails; initiates failover within seconds – resumes workflow operations and communication within seconds
  • If failover occurs, communication continues with the same IP address and identical business rules, message mapping, etc. – continued communication is transparent to the clinical community
  • When ready to resume operations on primary server, a single click re-synchronizes all message information, and communication resumes effortlessly on primary server
  • Proactive monitoring of both primary and backup servers, watching the health of both servers

"NeoTool’s approach to delivering high availability is very innovative, cost effective and intelligent," said Gregg Martin, CIO, Arnot Ogden Medical Center. "With NeoIntegrate A2, we do not have to hire additional IT staff or spend large sums of budget dollars to implement a high availability solution. NeoTool continues to deliver comprehensive, intuitive, affordable solutions for the healthcare market."

Martin added, "With NeoIntegrate A2, we have the added confidence that every clinical message will be delivered in a timely, consistent manner."

Across HL7 and XML healthcare standards, NeoIntegrate A2 delivers high availability for healthcare interoperability in a manageable, highly-effective manner.

"We are excited to deliver this add-on solution to NeoIntegrate," said Dave Shaver, NeoTool’s CTO. "We evaluated several approaches and have delivered a solution that healthcare providers can afford and implement efficiently to meet the demands of providing round-the-clock clinical data exchanges for their patients, physicians, and healthcare community."

For more information about NeoIntegrate A2, please visit the NeoTool interface engine solution section.

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