NeoTool Customer Achieves ‘TOP 100 MOST WIRED Hospital’ Recognition

Henry County Health Center Recognized in Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine's Annual Benchmarking Study

PLANO, Texas, August 29, 2007 – Henry County Health Center was recognized recently in Hospitals & Health Networks as being one of the "Top 100 Most Wired Hospitals" in the US.

"Henry County Health Center is an innovative, forward-thinking organization that delivers superior care to the community it serves. Being selected as a Top 100 Most Wired Hospital showcases the results for all of the planning and hard work from a very dedicated team." said Phil Guy, CEO of NeoTool. "Integrating the workflow between a broad range of applications and providers has proven to be one of Henry County Health Center's many core strengths. The benefits extend far beyond efficient operations to delivering high quality patient care."

As part of the benchmarking study, hospitals participate in a detailed study that covers how they use information technology to address five key areas: safety and quality, customer service, business processes, workforce, and public health and safety.

Henry County Health Center uses NeoTool's interface engine to connect various healthcare applications and providers to support their workflow initiatives.

"Achieving the recognition as one of the Top 100 Most Wired Hospitals has been a team effort focused on improving our operations and moving our strategic plan forward step-by-step," said Brian Moreau, IT Director, Henry County Health Center. "Throughout the process, we constantly center our actions on our patients and care givers to determine the best approaches to enhance our workflows and deliver a higher level of service."

Henry County Health Center has stayed at the forefront of health care and has, in the process, become more than a hospital in the traditional sense. Henry County Health Center has become their area's "hub" for healthcare, serving the needs of both healthy community members and those requiring more specialized medical care.

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