Natividad Medical Center Adopts NeoIntegrate as Their Integration Engine Platform

PLANO, Texas, October 21, 2008 – Natividad Medical Center chooses NeoIntegrate™ as their integration engine platform to leverage ADT feeds from their MEDITECH system. Prior to selecting NeoIntegrate, Natividad relied upon point-to-point interfaces to exchange critical patient data via a single data feed (ADT) to another application. Although a logical approach to exchange patient data, point-to-point became impractical with vendor fees for new interfaces and increased time for deployment.

"Our mission is to build a hub-and-spoke approach to connecting our applications. This is an economical, practical approach to interfacing in a MEDITECH environment, and utilizes our limited resources more effectively," said Michael Jobin, CIO, Natividad Medical Center. Jobin continued, "Selecting an integration engine platform and partner centered on three primary evaluation criteria – customer support, product reputation, and ease of use in building, testing, and deploying interfaces. NeoTool exceeded in all three."

Implementing an integration engine platform was a critical part of Natividad’s IT strategic plan – Vision2010. The selection of NeoIntegrate will enable Natividad Medical Center to reduce cost and elevate their level of technological competitiveness within the California healthcare system.

"Before NeoIntegrate, Natividad lacked the flexibility that an integration engine would provide in meeting our goal of upgrading and adding new systems that increase the quality of care," stated Jobin. "We want to be the most technologically advanced safety net hospital within the state of California, which we believe will translate to enhanced quality of care."

Jobin added, "NeoTool has the reputation of working productively with hospitals that have numerous interface connections in large, connected, extended healthcare communities. With NeoIntegrate, our approach to integration is more effective because of the leverage gained in utilizing our interfaces more practically and deploying our resources more productively."

"The NeoTool team demonstrated their commitment to customer service throughout the process. From sales to technical support, NeoTool delivered on everything they promised."

"We are pleased Natividad selected NeoTool to assist them in leveraging their MEDITECH environment and extending connectivity to other applications and providers. The Natividad team’s consistent focus on improving patient care through a more effectively integrated network provided clear direction to NeoTool from our first visit through deployment of their initial interfaces," said Phil Guy, CEO of NeoTool.

"Natividad Medical Center joins a growing customer base of MEDITECH hospitals that realize the leverage and innovation that can be gained by implementing NeoIntegrate. At NeoTool, we are committed to delivering the best integration platform and customer service to the healthcare community in support of their efforts to provide the highest quality of patient care," stated Guy.

About Natividad Medical Center:
Natividad Medical Center is an acute care medical center emphasizing the care of women, children and families. Fully Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, Natividad Medical Center is a modern medical center campus offering comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and specialty care.

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