Meriter Health Services Replaces Legacy Interface Engine with Corepoint Interface Engine in their Epic® Clinical Systems Environment

Meriter Hospital implements Corepoint Integration Engine as a part of its full-scale technology and interoperability upgrade initiatives

FRISCO, Texas – January 26, 2011 – Meriter Health Services successfully implemented Corepoint Integration Engine, replacing their legacy interface engine, as a part of a full-scale technological upgrade included among several significant healthcare interoperability initiatives.

Meriter Health Services, an Epic®-based community hospital serving Madison, Wisconsin and its surrounding communities, has always prioritized maintaining the functionality of its systems to accommodate the increasing technological needs of the industry. "This has been a gigantic year in terms of new initiatives, new technologies, and deeper implementations on existing technologies," said Denise Gomez, director of applications at Meriter Hospital.

The decision to include Corepoint Integration Engine as a part of the large-scale technology update was heavily based on reliability and the quality of support. "Reliability, product support, cost, active failover capabilities – these were some of the essential requirements we had in looking for an interface engine," said Kim Knorr, senior programmer analyst at Meriter Health Services. "the GUI development certainly caught our eye. it looked like we could develop interfaces more quickly than what we were doing," added Knorr.

In addition to reliability and support, a number of Corepoint Integration Engine features were significant factors in the decision making process. "we were moving to an unmanned it operations center, so the ability to work remotely and have paging and alerting access capabilities had been primary concerns for us," said Knorr. "Corepoint Integration Engine contains very robust, configurable alerting and monitoring functionality, which raises our confidence level in delivering proactive, high quality support in our operations."

The implementation of Corepoint Integration Engine was straightforward and demonstrated flexibility regarding the various the needs of the organization throughout the process. "i do have to say, from the leadership team to the support team, Corepoint Health is a great partner. their flexibility enabled us to focus on other organizational priorities while keeping us within our original time frame," said Gomez. "Corepoint Health understood our needs and delivered; that is a true partnership."

The native failover capabilities Corepoint Health offered in their Assured Availability solution, also known as A2, has been a valuable tool throughout the interoperability upgrade process as well. "A2 has been helpful when we had to move servers," added Knorr. "it was great to use A2 as a part of that upgrade process, so we weren’t shutting down our interfaces for any length of time." looking forward, Meriter hospital feels it will be able address meaningful use requirements with confidence and participate in future state-wide hie initiatives given the success of its recent technological upgrade and implementation of Corepoint Integration Engine.

"The significant technological initiatives Meriter Hospital accomplished this year are impressive and speak a great deal about the character and priorities of the organization," said Phil Guy, CEO at Corepoint Health. "We are pleased that Corepoint Integration Engine was considered a significant part of those initiatives, and that Corepoint Health was viewed as a valuable partner throughout the process. The team at Meriter Hospital is very dedicated and talented, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them."

About Meriter Health Services
Meriter health services has provided the highest quality of care to residents in Madison, Dane County and the surrounding communities for more than 110 years. with a combined staff of 3,300 Meriter health services operates:

  • Meriter Hospital, a nonprofit, 448 bed community hospital, providing a complete range of medical and surgical services.
  • Meriter Medical Group, a growing primary and specialty care practice group.
  • Meriter Medical Clinics, in Middleton, on McKee road and west Washington Avenue.
  • Meriter Home Health provides comprehensive home health care services and medical products to southern Qisconsin.
  • Meriter Laboratories, a trusted provider of reference lab services for area clinics, hospitals, researchers and nursing homes.
  • Meriter Foundation, a nonprofit foundation responsible for managing gifts, grants, community philanthropic activities and investments.
  • Physicians plus insurance corporation – two-thirds owner of managed care organization serving 110,000 members in south central Wisconsin.

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