Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center Selects Corepoint Integration Engine to Replace Their Existing Integration Engine Platform

PLANO, Texas, March 5, 2009 – Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, a regional health care facility serving southern Indiana, selected Corepoint Integration Engine™ to replace their existing integration engine platform. Memorial Hospital was live and running within eight days of installing Corepoint Integration Engine. ADT migration and several interfaces were connected within the first day.

“Initially, the hospital was attracted to the ease of deploying and maintaining interfaces with Corepoint Integration Engine. During the evaluation period, meditech customer references confirmed the reliability of corepoint integration engine and the comprehensive support delivered by the corepoint health support center. following the selection of corepoint integration engine, the entire implementation process was absolutely smooth. implementing corepoint integration engine and migrating interfaces to it was seamless.”

the difference in the implementation experience with our first interface engine and corepoint integration engine was significant. with the previous interface engine, the initial implementation took 30 days and ongoing issues resulted in escalating costs and time. with corepoint integration engine, the implementation happened within one week, and there were no lingering issues,” said richard meinhart, systems engineer.

following the implementation of corepoint integration engine, the memorial team focused on proactively supporting their interfaces with corepoint integration engine’s built-in alerting features.

“we easily setup alerting on the interface connections at our defined levels and escalation processes. we were especially pleased with the ease of setting our own parameters through which corepoint integration engine purges old logs automatically — this is a big plus. it’s like night and day compared to our previous interface engine where without automatic clean-up old logs would build up endlessly. with corepoint integration engine, interface management capabilities are built-in and are simple to navigate,” stated meinhart.

meinhart also utilized the web-based, instructor-led corepoint integration engine training, which has allowed him to train several support staff to operate corepoint integration engine. “the training and support that corepoint health provided was fantastic. since completing the corepoint integration engine training class, i have trained other technical support staff on how to operate and manage corepoint integration engine on a daily basis — corepoint integration engine is that easy to manage,” said meinhart.

“we are excited to be a part of memorial hospital’s continued growth. since 1951, memorial has demonstrated their drive to deliver high quality patient care with a caring attitude to their community. it is with that same caring attitude and focus on delivery that they selected corepoint integration engine as their integration engine platform. memorial hospital is one of an increasing number of meditech hospitals implementing integration engines to achieve greater efficiency in deploying and managing their interfaces with the result of providing better care through a more effective sharing of information between their systems.” said phil guy, ceo of corepoint health.

guy continued, “hospital it organizations are continuously looking for ways to offer improved services at a greater value. we are pleased that corepoint integration engine was selected to deliver the right balance for memorial hospital and health care center.” 

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