Ivinson Memorial Hospital Migrates to NeoTool’s Integration Engine Platform

PLANO, Texas, November 12, 2008 – Ivinson Memorial Hospital migrated to the NeoIntegrate integration engine to enhance their interfacing capabilities, reduce the cycle time to deploy interfaces, and decrease costs in adding interfaces.

Some of the key evaluation criteria in selecting NeoIntegrate included:

  • Flexibility to meet the differing requirements for each interface
  • Faster deployment times to implement interfaces
  • Simple and effective method of monitoring interfaces
  • Robust native high availability solution
  • Ease of database connectivity and interaction
  • VMware support

“We needed an integration engine that would function seamlessly in our MEDITECH environment, leveraging ADT feeds to many different systems including PACS, transcription, medication supply stations, external billing applications etc. NeoTool’s integration engine has functioned flawlessly, saving Ivinson Memorial substantially in interface costs,” said Brandon Lewis, Systems Engineer, Medicine Bow Technologies. (Ivinson Memorial Hospital established Medicine Bow Technologies, an information technology services company, to provide technology and service solutions to their hospital and other healthcare providers throughout the Rocky Mountain region)

Lewis added, “A critical requirement was a robust high availability solution which provided automatic failover. Unlike other systems that use a manual failover method, NeoTool’s high availability solution fails over automatically and is simple to deploy and maintain. NeoTool’s approach increases our confidence since their native high availability capabilities ensure all messages are persisted in the backup server, guaranteeing no messages are lost.”

Other criteria that led Invinson Memorial to adopt NeoIntegrate as its integration platform was the menu-driven approach to developing interfaces and built in testing at every stage of interface development. Equally attractive is NeoIntegrate’s ease of connecting to any ODBC compliant database.

“With NeoIntegrate’s graphical user interface, building, testing, and deploying interfaces is simple. We can now deploy interfaces more quickly and with greater quality. After deployment, NeoIntegrate’s interface monitoring and alerting capabilities enable us to be very proactive in meeting the high demands of our environment,” said Lewis.

“We were very impressed with NeoTool’s knowledge level throughout the implementation process. Working with our team, NeoTool completed the entire implementation sooner than estimated,” said Lewis.

“Medicine Bow Technologies has proven to be innovative in their approach and aggressive in deploying solutions that ultimately enhances patient care,” said Phil Guy, NeoTool CEO. “We are proud to work with this dedicated team in supporting their MEDITECH environment. Medicine Bow’s approach of consistently delivering exceptional customer service and solutions to their hospital client mirrors NeoTool’s approach with our customers. Working with them to solve real healthcare integration challenges in the most productive, efficient manner possible is gratifying to the NeoTool team.”

About Ivinson Memorial Hospital:
Located in Laramie, Wyoming, Ivinson Memorial Hospital has nearly 50 active physicians providing progressive patient care to the communities in Albany County, Wyoming and throughout the State. In order to fulfill the dynamic health care needs of our district, we offer comprehensive services, including: Acute Care services, Cardiopulmonary, Emergency Services (24-hour care, State Trauma Designation as an Area Trauma Hospital), Family Care Unit, Imaging (sophisticated technology including CT scanner, ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, MRI, bone densitomer, stereotactic breast biopsy, and x-ray, Surgery (inpatient and outpatient), etc.

About Medicine Bow Technologies:
Medicine Bow Technologies is the information technology services company established by Ivinson Memorial Hospital to provide technology and service solutions to healthcare providers throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Located in Laramie, Wyoming, Medicine Bow Technologies provides a full spectrum of healthcare specific IT services in the areas of consulting, systems, applications and networking implementations, staffing, archiving/disaster recovery, and PACS and HIS systems.

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