Interoperability Rules Delayed. But It's No Time To Relax

Interoperability Rules Delayed. But It's No Time To Relax

"The ONC and CMS rules will be entered into the federal register on May 1, which will start the clock on compliance timelines. CMS will give hospitals a full 12 months from that date to implement ADT notifications, which is relaxed from the original 6 month timeline. ONC has also announced that it will postpone enforcement of its rules. One could argue that we need this sort of interoperability more than ever during a pandemic, so we shouldn’t delay the timelines. The reality is that hospitals are already under increased stress and they can’t address a new compliance burden right now. It makes sense to relax the timeline for providers, but vendors should still plan on developing features on the original timeline. Certainly at Lyniate, we are not going to delay any of our plans as a result of the change."

— Drew Ivan, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Lyniate

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