HL7 NK1 Segment

The NK1 segment contains information about the patient’s other related parties, and any associated parties.  If necessary, multiple NK1 segments can be sent to patient accounts using the NK1-1-set ID field. If a person or organization fulfills multiple contact roles, for example, a person is an emergency contact and a next of kin, it is recommended to send a NK1 segment for each contact role (field 7).

NK1 Attributes

The NK1 fields are as follows:

1 4 SI R   Set ID – NK1
2 48 XPN O Y Name
3 60 CE O   Relationship
4 106 XAD O Y Address
5 40 XTN O Y Phone Number
6 40 XTN O Y Business Phone Number
7 60 CE O   Contact Role
8 8 DT O   Start Date
9 8 DT O   End Date
10 60 ST O   Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Title
11 20 JCC O   Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Code/Class
12 20 CX O   Next of Kin / Associated Parties Employee Number
13 90 XON O Y Organization Name – NK1
14 80 CE O   Marital Status
15 1 IS O   Sex
16 26 TS O   Date/Time of Birth
17 2 IS O Y Living Dependency
18 2 IS O Y Ambulatory Status
19 80 CE O Y Citizenship
20 60 CE O   Primary Language
21 2 IS O   Living Arrangement
22 80 CE O   Publicity Code
23 1 ID O   Protection Indicator
24 2 IS O   Student Indicator
25 80 CE O   Religion
26 48 XPN O Y Mother’s Maiden Name
27 80 CE O   Nationality
28 80 CE O Y Ethnic Group
29 80 CE O Y Contact Reason
30 48 XPN O Y Contact Person’s Name
31 40 XTN O Y Contact Person’s Telephone Number
32 106 XAD O Y Contact Person’s Address
33 32 CX O Y Next of Kin/Associated Party’s Identifiers
34 2 IS O   Job Status
35 80 CE O Y Race
36 2 IS O   Handicap
37 16 ST O   Contact Person Social Security Number

*Note: For the complete HL7 Standard, please go to the HL7 organization website.

In HL7 pipe and hat format, the NK1 segment (shown in red) for an ADT-A01 message would look like this:



PID|||PATID1234^5^M11||JONES^WILLIAM^A^III||19610615|M||C|1200 N ELM






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