Hendricks Regional Health Adopts Corepoint Integration Engine to Enhance Their Healthcare Interoperability Initiatives

PLANO, Texas, July 20, 2009 – Hendricks Regional Health, a nonprofit health system in Danville, Indiana, selected Corepoint Integration Engine™, replacing an existing interface engine. A strong initiative to enhance their interoperability throughout their application environment prompted Hendricks Regional Health to move to a new level of performance with their integration platform. Corepoint Integration Engine was chosen for its ability to meet the new interface requirements efficiently and for its capability to manage a growing interface environment proactively.

“We were introduced to Corepoint Health’s integration engine through one of Corepoint’s existing customers, Riverview Hospital, part of the Suburban Health Organization in which we are a member. During the proof-of-concept our most challenging interfaces were easily configured and implemented within Corepoint Integration Engine. Immediately, we were confident that it would provide the stability we required in managing our environment,” said Kim Kiefer, Supervisor – Application Development.

With the deployment of the Corepoint Integration Engine a generational shift has taken place, transforming how Hendricks Regional Health implements and manages their healthcare integration initiatives

“The difference in the implementation experience with our previous interface engine and Corepoint Integration Engine was significant. The manner in which interfaces are developed with Corepoint Integration Engine is a game-changer, reducing cycle times and enhancing productivity. After deployment, Corepoint Integration Engine’s built-in monitoring tools enabled us to proactively manage our entire environment. We are now able to see in real-time which interfaces are functioning properly – a feature unavailable with our previous interface engine,” said Justin Owen, Interface Developer.

Rhonda Pahl, Interface Developer, added, “Other significant features like the log file features are consistently helpful in fine-tuning our HL7 data feed. We use the log file features almost daily.”

“From proof-of-concept to full-scale implementation, our team recognized that Corepoint Health truly stands behind its product and is confident in its ability to handle everything from the simple to the most complex interoperability challenges within a healthcare IT environment.,” said Kiefer.

“Hendricks Regional Health’s philosophy and approach to delivering care is both comprehensive and admirable. We are excited about their selection of Corepoint Integration Engine to serve as their platform to transform and enhance their IT and operational environment. In addition, we are proud to work with a team dedicated to improving the lives of their patients through advanced medical care and innovative community initiatives,” said Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health.

Hendricks Regional Health:
Hendricks Regional Health, located in Danville, Indiana, is a nonprofit health system in operation for more than 45 years providing medical care using the latest in medical technology and advancements. Hendricks Regional Health’s philosophy is to “Treat People Better” and that understanding patient’ lives and needs is a smarter way to practice medicine leading to better outcomes. www.hendricks.org

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