U.S. Healthcare Regulations and Compliance 

U.S. Healthcare Regulations and Compliance 

Being at the forefront of interoperability requires a careful understanding of healthcare regulations such as the CMS and ONC rules, as well as health data standards and security protocols. 

There is no better crystal ball for predicting the future of healthcare than to track what’s happening in the regulatory environment. After all, healthcare is a game that's played on a field defined by government regulations.  

This is true everywhere in the world — but especially in the U.S. because of the complexity of its healthcare system.  

[What providers, payers, and health IT vendors need to know about the CMS and ONC rules.]

At Lyniate, we keep a close eye on healthcare laws as they’re being developed, enforced, and put into day-to-day practice. We do this not only for our own good — ensuring our products are always developed with the latest certification requirements in mind — but also to help our customers understand how different rules will affect their business processes and product development.  

Tracking government regulations has always been importantbut it’s arguably more so today as the world faces a pandemic. As industry innovators develop tools to combat COVID-19, providers, payers, public health agencies, epidemiological agencies, laboratories, health information exchanges, and health IT vendors, must all make sense of quickly changing government regulations and funding. 

Our knowledge of healthcare regulations iboth wide and deepdrilling all the way down to how the government mandates the use of specific data standards and security protocols. One of Lyniate’s founders sits on the HL7 board, and developers for both Corepoint and Rhapsody participate in industry-wide connectathons all over the world — including HL7, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) International, DaVinci, and HL7 FHIR DevDaysParticipation in these events allows Lyniate to stay two steps ahead of industry trends and that our products are being developed with the latest standards and interoperability mandates in mind. 

In addition, Lyniate collaborates with partners across the healthcare ecosystem to bring comprehensive, compliant solutions to our customers. 

Take a look at these resources for insight into how Lyniate is responding to recent healthcare regulations.

If you have a question about how recent government rules will affect your business, and how Lyniate can help you meet deadlines for compliance, please contact us.  

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