El Centro Regional Medical Center Selects NeoTool to Enhance Healthcare Interoperability Efforts

PLANO, Texas, September 30, 2008 – El Centro Regional Medical Center, a community hospital in southeastern California, selects NeoTool’s interface engine—NeoIntegrate™ to provide a new level of healthcare interoperability. Before adopting the NeoIntegrate interface engine, El Centro Regional Medical Center relied on point-to-point interfaces to connect to disparate internal systems.

El Centro Regional Medical Center needed an innovative approach to provide interoperability without the high cost and long delivery times it incurred by buying interfaces from its application vendors. After reviewing several competitive interface engines, NeoTool was chosen for its robust, efficient interface engine, and its sole focus on healthcare.

“We needed to quickly transition from our reliance on point-to-point interfaces that lacked the flexibility we required in creating and managing new interfaces. We also needed to eliminate the costs associated with creating new interfaces through vendors. After our proof-of-concept, it was clear the NeoIntegrate interface engine was a leader in how it created interfaces quickly and how it approached and solved El Centro Regional Medical Center’s complex interfacing issues,” said John Gaede, CIO, El Centro Regional Medical Center.

Gaede added, “In just two hours, we created new interfaces within NeoIntegrate that worked seamlessly with our RIS and PACS applications, saving us thousands in interface fees paid to vendors.”

“In addition to managing our internal workflow, we needed an interface engine that would be reliable, easy to deploy and manage for non-technical staff. NeoTool’s interface engine met all of our criteria, and provided confidence with critical features like their intuitive graphical user interface and native high availability offering,” said Gaede.

Since deploying NeoIntegrate, El Centro Regional Medical Center has discovered other unique features built into NeoIntegrate like the real-time alerting and monitoring of interfaces.

“Before NeoIntegrate, we lacked the ability to monitor our interfaces from our healthcare systems. We had no alerting features to handle connection issues. With NeoIntegrate’s web-based management console, we now can proactively handle connection issues and accurately pinpoint trouble areas.”

“From proof of concept through deployment, the NeoTool interface engine, along with the high availability solution, has worked flawlessly. The more we use it the more that we know it was the right decision,” stated Gaede. “Since discovering the value of utilizing an interface engine over point-to-point interfaces, El Centro Regional Medical Center is planning to initiate new projects to further enhance interoperability hospital-wide,” said Gaede.

“We are excited to be chosen as El Centro Regional Medical Center’s integration platform and are very pleased to be a part of their aggressive IT initiatives. The commitment to enhanced and affordable patient care demonstrated by organizations like El Centro Regional Medical Center is remarkable,” said Phil Guy, CEO of NeoTool.

Guy continued, “El Centro Regional Medical Center is undertaking progressive IT projects, and we are proud to be contributing positively to their initiatives.”

About El Central Regional Medical Center:
El Centro Regional Medical Center is located in El Centro, California. El Centro Regional Medical Center is a 165-bed full service hospital. The Hospital is an agency of the City of El Centro and operates under the governance of a seven member Board of Trustees. The Hospital employs 823 full and part time employees with a Medical Staff of approximately 158 physicians in over 40 specialties. www.ecrmc.org

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