DOTmed News: What’s Middleware? NeoTool’s Got It

January 14, 2009
by Becky Jacoby, Reporter

You've heard of hardware and software. You've heard of firmware. But have you heard of middleware? It is the software conduit that enables effective workflow, efficient file translation and empowered integration of multiple vendor software programs within hospital information systems, even radiology. Middleware is employed with higher-level system architecture.

Systems Interfacing

Any medical professional working amid nonconforming workflow files cries uncle when the software systems fail to confer effectively and facilitate an accurate outcome. NeoTool's healthcare integrated solutions manage data exchanges to leverage a larger hospital's current system software or integrate a smaller medical organization's workflow to preclude such frustrating and costly episodes.

In December, 2008, NeoTool announced its latest version of, NeoIntegrate™, its middleware for healthcare systems interfacing.

Jon Mertz, VP Marketing, said, "NeoTool uses the TCP/IP connection to port data within a facility or from one facility to an external agent. An example would be translating data from a patient's social security number with dashes between the numbers to a format that contained no dashes." …

Read the full story at DOTmed News.

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