Corepoint Operations Monitor Deployed at Carol Milgard Breast Center to Enable ‘Door to Diagnosis’ Patient Experience Initiative

Frisco, Texas, May 18, 2010 – TRA Medical Imaging utilizes Corepoint Health solutions  Corepoint Integration Engine and Corepoint Operations Monitor – to improve workflow efficiency and operational performance at the Carol Milgard Breast Center (CMBC) a state of the art comprehensive breast health center jointly owned by two Tacoma hospital systems, Franciscan Health System and Multicare Health System.

TRA Medical Imaging operates and staffs the Carol Milgard Breast Center (CMBC) and initially implemented Corepoint Integration Engine to help solve the workflow gaps between the disparate operational systems of these three collaborative organizations.

To achieve the CMBC operational milestones of improving workflow efficiencies to ultimately enhance each patient’s visit experience – Corepoint Operations Monitor was implemented to leverage the data flow being managed by Corepoint Integration Engine.

Marcy Parsons, Program Director for the Carol Milgard Breast Center explains, "When a mammography patient checks in at reception for a mammography exam, the Corepoint Health solutions system will capture electronic data points throughout the patient’s exam visit and these data points will assist our CMBC operations team to measure, monitor, and metric specific internal operational processes specific to the patient visit and their exam experience”. Parsons goes on to say, “The CMBC team will now be able to definitively metric operational progress within the Corepoint Operations Monitor to better understand which operational processes and efficiencies provide a superior patient visit experience”.

Corepoint Operations Monitor leverages data flowing through Corepoint Integration Engine to provide a better understanding of what is occurring within, and between, workflows or departments. The web-based, graphical monitor offers the ability to drill down several layers into clinical or operational data in order to make more informed decisions based on definable trends and metrics.

Corepoint Operations Monitor is used not only for workflow and RVU analysis, but for receiving data about traditionally non-measureable activity to improve customer service and staff production.

"We designed Corepoint Operations Monitor to leverage the power of Corepoint Integration Engine and to enable the analysis of operational and clinical data in an easy-to-use, granular manner. Corepoint Operations Monitor is a solution for decision-makers, providing current, relevant data which can be used to make more informed operational decisions. At Corepoint Health, we know our customers work very hard to do what is best to support high quality patient care”, says Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health.

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