New Features in Corepoint Integration Engine Provide Actionable Data Alerts and Further Simplify Health Data Interoperability

Corepoint Health’s top-rated integration engine adds new, user-friendly features

DALLAS – February 24, 2014 – Corepoint Health adds new customer-centric features to Corepoint Integration Engine that enhance hospitals’ care coordination activities and further simplify the process of creating health data interoperability between different applications and facilities.

The latest version of Corepoint Integration Engine, which is now available, gives care providers unique control over their digital care environment through the product’s Action Points, which are specialized alerts based on defined triggers that may occur during a patient’s care. When defined data events are encountered, applicable caregivers are immediately notified through Action Points.

Ryan Ellerton, business analyst at Halifax Health, said meaningful alerts will be key as healthcare providers are forced to become more efficient while improving quality. Alerts can be a nuisance, or they can aid in providing care. They key is flexibility and ease in creating and maintaining the alerts.

"Application support requirements tend to vary widely from one application to the next. And, if you use alerts as frequently as we do, any kind of feature that makes creating and maintaining them easier is going to allow us to spend more time on other important activities,” said Mr. Ellerton. "Having the ability to easily change and customize alerts using the dynamic alert recipient feature and customizable alert bodies will be extremely helpful."

Other major features in the latest version include:

  • Message Output Comparison. Comparing output messages from Corepoint Integration Engine side-by-side with outputs from other interface engines helps users quickly identify and resolve message differences. This powerful feature assures users that identical data will be produced when migrating from older interface engine technology to Corepoint Integration Engine, guaranteeing downstream applications will continue to get the data needed in the format expected.
  • Action Points Email Customization. Users can tailor data and event email messages, enhancing care coordination.
  • Interface Configuration Sharing Improvements. Allows multiple users to share developed interface logic and configurations and easily merge changes.
  • Referential Integrity. Ensures that all modifications are aligned by highlighting impacted objects so changes can be made.

"Hospitals and other care providers are constantly seeking ways to leverage their IT investments to deliver more efficient patient care,” said Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health. “Each release of Corepoint Integration Engine delivers customer-requested functionality to enhance health data flows and more efficient functionality to develop, test, and manage interfaces. Our newest release provides a new level of confidence to providers who are making plans to migrate to a more efficient interface engine."

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