Corepoint Health Launches as the Next Generation of NeoTool

NeoTool Updates Brand to Reflect Long Term Growth Plans and Continued Focus on Delivering Exceptional Customer Service and Products that Simplify the Challenges of Healthcare Integration and Data

PLANO, Texas, February 17, 2009 – Corepoint Health is the new brand name for NeoTool. The company’s proven, innovative software solutions, commitment to customers, and singular focus on information technology in the healthcare market have made consistent growth possible for many years. Corepoint Health is simply the next generation of NeoTool and the brand under which the company will accelerate the expansion of its product and service offerings.

“Through the Corepoint Health name, we will build on the deep heritage that we have in delivering practical, productive solutions for healthcare integration,” stated Phil Guy, CEO of Corepoint Health. “Our customers will continue to see rapid innovation in our products as we listen to their challenges and deliver solutions in response to their needs.”

Guy added, “What will remain unchanged is our intense commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and results-oriented solutions that improve healthcare operations and workflows.”

Why change to Corepoint Health?

“We believe Corepoint Health is a great reflection of our company, our future plans, and what we represent to the marketplace today,” stated Jon Mertz, Vice President of Marketing. “Corepoint Health better describes the company’s focus on IT infrastructure solutions that are essential for connecting, integrating, and optimizing workflows between a vast number of healthcare applications.

“As the market demands more seamless connectivity, Corepoint Health will serve as the central platform for many healthcare providers and vendors.”

Product Naming Changes

In addition to the company name change, Corepoint Health’s product names will adopt a similar, consistent approach.

“Our approach is to introduce product families, and the first one is Corepoint Connections™,” said Dave Shaver, CTO of Corepoint Health. “Our product names will begin with ‘Corepoint’ and then follow with a descriptive name. The Corepoint Connections suite offers a proven way to integrate smoothly within an application environment and exchange patient data effectively within a healthcare community.”

The products within Corepoint Connections are:

New Name                                                        Previous Name

Corepoint Integration Engine™                    NeoIntegrate™

Corepoint Community Exchange™             CareGateway™

The HL7 browsing and testing product is also changing its name. NeoBrowse® is now HL7 Analyzer™.

Corepoint Health: Commitment to Healthcare Standards

For over a decade, Shaver has been very active in the Health Level Seven (HL7) community. Shaver currently serves as the Co-Chair of HL7 Infrastructure and Messaging Committee.

“Corepoint Health remains committed to participating actively in the healthcare standards community,” said Shaver. “Our commitment is to support the development of standards that will make healthcare work effectively and deliver products that enable customers to more easily implement data exchanges to keep up with the increasing interoperability demands and lower total cost of ownership objectives.”

Corepoint Health: Passionate Focus on Customers and Healthcare Solutions

Corepoint Health, with over twelve years of healthcare IT experience and expertise operating as NeoTool, has a solid reputation with customers for delivering healthcare integration solutions that produce results of lowering costs, reducing cycle times, and enhancing service levels in deploying data exchanges.

“Corepoint Health’s focus will continue to be in delivering practical, innovative software solutions that solve the challenges of our customers who work with patient data every day,” said Guy. “Delivering exceptional customer service has always been, and will always be, a central part of Corepoint Health’s operating principles. That is our continuing commitment to our customers.”   

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