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Rhapsody Education

Rhapsody Education

Including online learning and onsite instructor-led training.

Supported by the developers who wrote the software, the training material is created by a specialist education team.

A blended approach of hands-on practical exercises, comprehensive instruction, and rigorous assessment tasks are all available through our Education services. Supported by the developers who built the software, the training material is created by a specialist Education team who have extensive knowledge of 
the set-up and best-practice use of Rhapsody in real-world environments. Courses can be tailored to include self-paced online learning or onsite instructor-led training and assessment.

Training is key to unlocking and maximising value from your IT system investment, and by providing comprehensive training you ensure that your staff have the knowledge to use our applications effectively, while easing the transition to a new system.

Certification Program

Rhapsody Associate Certification

Covers the foundations and underlying concepts required for an introductory understanding of the Rhapsody Integration Engine (Rhapsody) and its use in providing reliable and efficient connectivity between an organization’s clinical systems. The course is intended for administrators tasked with using Rhapsody to manage the flow of messages in an organization. (Approx: 40 hours)

Rhapsody Professional Certification

Provides the competency required by administrators tasked with creating Rhapsody routes and interfaces from scratch. Rhapsody Associate is a prerequisite for this course. (Approx: 60 hours)

Rhapsody Expert Modules

Provides additional expert level courses for consultants and administrators working on complex sites that may include multiple Rhapsody engines, high message throughput or complex message requirements. Rhapsody Professional Certification is a prerequisite.

Additional Learning

Basic Maintenance

Rhapsody Basic Maintenance is designed for Rhapsody administrators tasked with ensuring the efficient day-to-day running of the application. This course will help with identifying and solving common issues before they become significant.

Customized Learning

Our team of education experts can develop and deliver custom courses to meet specific training needs. Please contact the Education Team at or your Rhapsody Account Manager to discuss your requirements.

Rev Your Engine: Leverage the Full Potential of Rhapsody

No matter what version of Rhapsody Engine you are currently using, this class will help you rev your engine and ensure you’re using it to its full potential.

Kickstart Your Rhapsody Professional

Make a start on your Rhapsody Professional certification. The first three modules of the course will be presented as hands-on sessions. People who complete this course will gain credit towards their Rhapsody Professional certification.

Rhapsody: Maintenance & Troubleshooting

What is your engine trying to tell you when it’s not feeling well and how can you get it back to health? This class will look at examples of Rhapsody engine logging and reports to help you diagnose common problems as well as provide guidance on steps you can take to keep your engine up and running at full speed!

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