Lyniate Academy

Lyniate Academy

We offer a wide range of training courses covering our products and solutions. Training ensures staff have the knowledge to use the applications efficiently and to their full potential while helping to ease the transition to new systems. Training is core to unlocking and maximizing the value returned from the investment in new IT systems.

The Lyniate Academy is an online source of self-paced training modules designed to help learners quickly achieve the proficiency they need to gain the best from our products. Course content is a mixture of text, images and video presentations followed by short exercises to illustrate and reinforce what has been learned. Online courses are assessed in two ways:

  • Quizzes: Made up of short answer questions that return immediate feedback to the learner on submission.
  • File submission: Course work is uploaded as a file to the Academy. Uploaded files are reviewed and graded by an experienced trainer who will either grade the course work as having reached the required standard or request a resubmission and provide detailed assistance as to how the submitted solution can be improved. This personal touch has proved to be an effective means for helping learners achieve the desired course outcomes within the smallest amount of time.



The Education Team offers the following types of training:

  • Instructor-led
  • Webinar
  • Combination
  • Custom

All types of training can be managed through the Lyniate Academy.




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