Class Outline – Level 1 training

Class Outline – Level 1 training

During the 3-day class, you will develop and test these interfaces in Configuration and monitor the live connections in the web-based Monitor.

Day 1

Understand the Big Picture: Where does Corepoint fit in your environment?

Create an unparsed interface between two applications
Use Data Flow to:

  • Create connections (sender and receiver)
  • Connect the connections to create an action list for an unparsed interface
  • Use the Message Set window to load, view, and manipulate sample messages

Filter messages by type and field data

  • Let the engine help you create a derivative based on sample messages
  • Filter messages using the If/Else action

Send parsed ADT and ORM messages to a lab application

  • Copy contents of the input message to a variable or a field in the output message using the ItemCopy action
  • Use the Action List Tester to test the action list with actual sample messages

Day 2

Use logs to verify a message was sent & resend message

  • Use the web-based Monitor to filter and search through logs to verify that a message was sent and acknowledged
  • Resend a message from the Monitor

Implement code sets and code set correlations

  • Use a code set to filter messages within an action list
  • Use code set correlations to translate message contents into a form recognizable to the receiving application
  • Export and import external code sets, so that teammates without access to Configuration can edit them

Connect a pharmacy application and send it ADT messages

  • Use an annotation set to store troubleshooting information for a connection
  • Manipulate dates using the ItemTransformDate action

Day 3

Send ORU messages from the lab to the hospital

  • Load engine logs as sample messages
  • Use ItemReplace to replace certain patterns with new data
  • Build strings out of variables, parts of messages, and more, using ItemFormat

Send radiology results electronically to an EMR

  • Use the ForEach and ItemNew actions to loop over repeating items to perform a specified action for each repeating item
  • Use debugging actions, such as MsgLog and EnvLogText, to test as you develop

Send radiology results as a file to the EMR

  • Use Data Flow to create and configure a Gear-to-Gear connection
  • Delete an obsolete connection

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