Level 2: Corepoint Integration Engine Class Outline

Level 2: Corepoint Integration Engine Class Outline

In the Level 2 training class, you will troubleshoot interfaces in a variety of real-world situations.

Parsing & Encoding

  • Troubleshoot messages with missing data
  • Identify where the problem originated
    • When message was parsed or encoded
    • When the Action List modified the message
    • Due to trading partners
  • Reprocess and resend messages to only one downstream system


  • Recommendations for creating connection Alerts to notify team members of interface issues
  • How to create a global Alert

Action Points

  • Create an Action Point alert to trigger when specific data appears in a message
  • Create a custom email for the Action Point to send.
  • Troubleshoot Action Point not sending notification

TCP/IP Connectivity

  • Learn the basics of TCP/IP troubleshooting
  • Activities include solving:
    • An inbound connection is not receiving messages
    • An outbound connection is not connected and the queue is building
    • Manage HL7 acknowledgements

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