Corepoint Education

Corepoint Education

Lyniate offers Corepoint product training courses to our customers who are interested in learning how Corepoint Integration Engine can empower their IT activities. Our healthcare standards First Steps classes are available to everyone in the healthcare IT industry who is interested in learning about these messaging standards. 

Healthcare Standards Training

HL7 - First Steps

HL7®: First Steps is available to anyone interested in learning about the HL7 messaging standard.
This is a web-based class for healthcare professionals who are beginning HL7 education. This is a primer to increase the ability to discuss HL7, understand the issues, and analyze the importance of HL7 in healthcare applications.

FHIR: First Steps

HL7 FHIR is an emerging standard in healthcare integration, and Corepoint Health is taking a lead role in helping customers support this new messaging standard. This 4-hour online class will equip you to learn how FHIR resources can be used in your workflows and give you several practice exercises to explore the FHIR website.

Corepoint Integration Engine Training

Level 1: Corepoint Integration Engine

Level 1 provides three days of comprehensive training on configuring, testing, and maintaining HL7 v2 interfaces via TCP/IP. Instructors lead you through practical real-world, hands-on activities so you gain a solid understanding of managing interfaces.

Level 2: Corepoint Integration Engine

In Level 2, you will be presented with a wide variety of problems that you might encounter in your interfaces. Many issues are around messages not being intact when they are received or sent, and you will learn how to troubleshoot errors ranging from HL7 parsing and encoding issues, derivative or action list modifications, and TCP/IP and acknowledgment modifications.

Level 3: Corepoint Integration Engine

The Corepoint Integration Engine Level 3 training class focuses on optimizing your interfaces, processes, workflows, and environment.

Databases: Corepoint Integration Engine

In this 2-day online training class, you will learn how to create interface objects such as data points, namespaces and database associations to connect to a database and potential workflows using the database actions in Corepoint Integration Engine.

Web Services: Corepoint Integration Engine

This 2-day online training class gives you hands-on experience developing six common interfaces to connect through SOAP and RESTful web services. You will learn how web services are used in Healthcare, their roles (client vs. server), common terminology, and their message structure.

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