Key Features - Corepoint by Lyniate

Key Features - Corepoint by Lyniate

Armed with powerful, native features, your team can use Corepoint Integration Engine® to quickly connect to providers, health information exchanges (HIEs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), health plans, payers, health IT vendors, and other healthcare organizations.

Corepoint is finely tuned with many features that make your interface work seamless and enjoyable. Here we’ve outlined a few to highlight the confidence you’ll have from using Corepoint Integration Engine.

Monitoring and Alerting

Tailored alerts warn of problems before they disrupt workflow and operations. Corepoint Integration Engine also offers customizable user profiles with unique views and permissions. The Mobile Monitor app gives users access to connections, alerts, and assured availability functions from a smartphone or tablet.


Corepoint Integration Engine quickly and affordably scales to meet your growing data demands using proven Microsoft technologies. An interface solution should be scalable in three areas: throughput, configuration, and operationally.

Corepoint Integration Engine provides robust throughput that is supported by an enterprise-style team building environment with the ability to operationally scale through unique Connection Central views and role-based monitor access.

Audit Logging and Message Tracking

Provide Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use)-required security audit log reports in the case of an auditable event and gain insight to improve PHI security policies and procedures. Trace a message’s history in the engine with a Google-style search and optimize data flow by pinpointing purged or abandoned messages.

Audit Logging provides insights on protected health information (PHI), including messages that were viewed, modified, and/or copied. Log Search provides the ability to view the history of every health message transmitted in the IT environment. Users can perform detailed searches across all connections for defined message types. At the click of a button, users can see the lineage of the message, tracing the message back to its origination.

Native High Availability

Our Assured Availability solution provides a failover mechanism to a backup server that allows normal operations to continue without interruption, including:

  • Message persistency
  • Interface connectivity
  • Automated monitoring of input/output status
  • Network monitoring
  • Integration with scheduled alerts

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