Corepoint Integration Engine® offers several extensions within the engine that help your team stay at the frontlines of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Action Points

Corepoint Action Points identifies the data elements requiring immediate notification — tailored to your requirements. Knowing about events important to you enables more timely decisions that directly impact workflow and, ultimately, patient care.

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Assured Availability (A2)

Corepoint Integration Engine simplifies high availability and enables an easy-to implement solution that constantly delivers run-time confidence. The feature is delivered natively and ensures continuous processing of critical patient data exchanges without the need to set up complex, maintenance-intensive clustering environments. 

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Batch File Processing

Transfer files between servers, split apart batch files of messages, and create batch files, all within the single platform where you create, test, and monitor other interfaces. Create interfaces that read or write batch files up to 2GB in size, without monopolizing your server’s memory. Process batch interfaces at the times that your workflows require, without worrying about straining the server causing processing backlogs.

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Using the detailed measurement information contained in a DICOM Structured Report (SR) is an effective way to reduce data entry errors and streamline reporting workflows for dictation applications. In particular, Corepoint Integration Engine can extract the structured measurement data from DICOM SR and feed PowerScribe 360 with an HL7 V2 order message to automate the population of these measurements in a dictated report.

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

The Disaster Recovery (DR) solution of Corepoint Integration Engine provides peace of mind should a natural disaster occur. The DR solution works in conjunction with Corepoint’s Assured Availability (A2) solution to provide complete coverage for outages. While A2 is targeted at isolated server problems such as operating system failures, a memory problem, or disk drive at capacity, the DR solution covers events which impact the entire data center.

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Web Services

Securely send and receive data with modern RESTful- and SOAP-based web services and create the most common data exchange scenarios used by patient-facing applications, HIEs, APIs, and more. Requests for API connectivity continue to increase as well as discussions around the use of HL7 FHIR, which is transported by RESTful web services.

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Community Exchange

Corepoint Community Exchange® uses a web services platform to securely connect to hundreds or thousands of remote sites with a lower total cost of ownership. This extension enables secure transmission of messages via web services in tandem with the core functionality of the Corepoint Integration Engine solution. Corepoint Community Exchange connects to remote point of care applications through a CareAgent®. The CareAgent then transmits the data to the local clinical applications.

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