Corepoint MFT

Corepoint MFT

Extend movement capabilities, scheduling of jobs, alerting, monitoring, and modifying file contents with Corepoint MFT.

Healthcare integration relies on the use of files to handle specific workflows related to X12, HL7, or other delimited types. Managing and processing these files in an efficient and timely fashion is critical for both billing and clinical care.

The Batch Processing component of Corepoint Managed File Transfer (MFT) includes the ability to efficiently break apart and build up large files, up to 10GB (starting with version 7.4). By utilizing existing database operators and the batch processing operators, you can store part or all of the contents of a batch file for a period of time in a database to be sent later as the same or regrouped batch.

Corepoint MFT also takes advantage of the same configuration, monitoring, alerting, and error handling tools as Corepoint Integration Engine. This means that the file workflow configuration is achieved with ease, and you are always aware as to what is happening with the processing of your files.

Corepoint MFT offers a new approach to intelligently managing files with greater customization and flexibility — all while using the proven technology of Corepoint Integration Engine. Every workflow and system has its own unique requirements. Corepoint MFT leverages Corepoint Health’s workflow expertise to provide adaptable managed file transfer solutions and the flexibility to deal with various workflows.

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