Rhapsody Launches Co-Creation Lab to Foster Collaborative Solution Development

Rhapsody Launches Co-Creation Lab to Foster Collaborative Solution Development

Company Offers Customers and Partners Unique Opportunity to Work Together to Improve and Tailor Interoperability Solutions; Will Enable Quicker Development Cycles, Drive Efficiency and Savings  

BOSTON, Massachusetts – June 5, 2019 – Rhapsody, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced the launch of its Co-Creation Lab, a new operation that will provide healthcare organizations of all types the opportunity to collaborate with Rhapsody to create tailored, interoperable solutions.

With access to Rhapsody’s industry-leading development teams, and the ability to provide necessary guidance, Co-Creation Lab members can customize effective and efficient solutions that address their own unique interoperability needs. Additionally, the Co-Creation Lab presents an opportunity for Rhapsody’s customers and partners to provide insight on granular functionality issues and contribute to the development of enhanced solutions.

The challenges experienced across the healthcare industry are diverse and ever-evolving, which often presents organizations with challenges related to the efficacy and efficiency of interoperable tools. In aligning with Rhapsody, Co-Creation Lab participants will have the advantage of expedited and more streamlined product development cycles. Solutions – based on member insights and feedback – can move through the design process quickly, while still yielding a superior product.

The Co-Creation Lab affords organizations the benefit of almost two decades of healthcare technology knowledge.  With the understanding that every customer is unique and comes with their own methodologies, challenges, and inefficiencies, collaboration is approached with the individual needs of each member in mind. This understanding results in collaborative solutions that save time, money, and stress.

“Rhapsody’s primary mission continues to be addressing the higher-level challenges associated with interoperability. The Co-Creation Lab marks an exciting phase in the Rhapsody story and emphasizes our ongoing commitment to our customers and partners,” said Drew Ivan, EVP of Product & Strategy of Rhapsody. “Not only are our customers and partners’ voices of great importance, but we now have the space to gather and implement feedback that will drive product improvements, and ultimately enhance user experience. The Co-Creation Lab is the perfect opportunity to leverage that critical input and continue working towards our overarching goals.”

Learn more about  Rhapsody’s Co-Creation Lab here.

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