FHIR Development Workshop

FHIR Development Workshop

There's what's been done. And then there's what's possible. Take an innovative approach to data integration with the Co-Creation Lab’s FHIR® Development Workshop. 

In our FHIR Development Workshop, health IT teams will learn to think differently about how they're using the integration engine so they can develop and deploy solutions that will not only deliver the results leadership is looking for, but will also enable the delivery of better patient care, and ultimately help drive down the cost of healthcare. 

How do you think differently? Simple. When you stop looking at your integration as simply as a general-purpose tool and more as an API-centric development platform, you step into a new world of possibilities. It’s not enough to think about APIs at the end of the workflow. You must think about APIs from the start and throughout your development process. 

The FHIR Development Workshop will provide guidance and hands-on building opportunities to get your team developing APIs quickly and efficiently.  


The Workshop Includes: 

  • Four full days of course instruction led by a Lyniate Co-Creation Lab trainer 
  • Interactive, hands-on instruction
  • FHIR API workshop engine hosted in AWS cloud
  • Rhapsody 6.5 IDE (evaluation license)
  • Co-Creation Lab-designed better practices and configurations
  • Custom configurations and "How-To" documents
  • On-site consulting agreement


In This Workshop, Your Team Will Learn How To: 

  • Design and develop API-centric services in your integration engine
  • Create meaningful applications to better serve patients and providers
  • Make your integration engine do things you didn’t know it could do
  • Take an innovative approach to data integration
  • Learn new ways of thinking about the services you can offer other departments
  • Deliver more value by thinking about your integration engine differently


Site Requirements: 

  • Classroom or meeting room
  • Projector
  • Internet access to the AWS cloud (port ranges 3041, 4031, 8444, 29900-29999)
  • Access to https://academy.lyniate.com/ (enrollment is free) 
  • All participants are expected to provide their own computers

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