Custom Support and Monitoring Service

Custom Support and Monitoring Service

Helping You Implement and Derive Value from Our Solutions as Quickly and Effectively as Possible

Lyniate’s Rhapsody Professional Services experts are now offering a new service to help you monitor and support your Rhapsody environment Rhapsody Monitoring and Support Services includes the initial setup of your Rhapsody environment for monitoring by Lyniate and the ongoing daily monitoring and support of these Rhapsody environments.  

Why Lyniate?

  • Highly skilled and experienced Rhapsody experts that can guarantee you are provided with the most efficient and effective support that ensures a successful engagement. 
  • Direct and unfettered access to the Rhapsody Development Team throughout your entire customer engagements. This ensures the Support team has the most up-to-date and informed view of the product and are supported to resolve any issues related to your Rhapsody engine. 
  • Flexible Service offerings, which can be scaled and tailored to your needs.  

Client Onboarding Workshop

  • Define and document current state of yourRhapsody engine 
  • Outline and document notifications requirements 

Remote Connectivity Setup

  • Provide Rhapsody by Lyniate users with remote access to the required Rhapsody infrastructure 
  • Install Standard tools to be used by theRhapsody engine  
  • Access to internal tools for logging incidents applicable to external systems

Interface Monitoring

  • Regular health-check of your Rhapsody environment during business hours. 
  • Investigate any unplanned / unclean shutdowns 
  • Escalate issues and engage with system owners or Infrastructure teamas required 
  • Routine daily checks of Error queue, Backup success / fail, Server Resourceutilization, Status of the previous Archive clean-up and disk usage / configuration validation

Physical/ Virtual Server Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, memory, and disk utilization of servers.  
  • Review system manager for current resource utilisation, available disk and memory capacity, and ensure configuration of Archive Clean-up is reasonable/appropriate.  

Custom Reporting

  • Provide complete visibility over all the incidents logged, fixes and changes made to the Rhapsody environment. 
  • Provide time logs of any Adhoc services provided and minor change request implemented.  
  • Producing Root Cause Analysis documentation as / when required 

Custom Alerts and Notification

  • Configure Rhapsody users, notifications (including required thresholds), and watchlists in Rhapsody/Management  
  • Acknowledge and remove the warning / notification once it has been investigated  
  • Fine tuning of notifications / escalation post identification of issues and bottlenecks

Adhoc Services

  • Investigation of message paths for messages raised as an issue by system owners  
  • Replay a set of messages that are still present in the Rhapsody datastore  
  • Minor configuration of a new interface or modifications to existing Rhapsody configuration

Planned preventative maintenance

  • Support your IT team to gracefully migrate Rhapsody services for OS upgrades and patches.  
  • Install hotfixes and upgrades as / when released and validated.   
  • Manual backup and restore as part of planned maintenance  
  • Support semi-annual failover testing 
  • Ensure all Rhapsody components are in the correct state following either a planned or unplanned system outage or restart

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“Thank you for all your help — being able to just say ‘I have something that needs to be tweaked and here it is really a life saver for me! Trying to juggle all of these interfaces and workload is a little overwhelming right now. Thanks so much!”
Systems Integration Manager at a client Community Memorial Hospital
“I’ve had much more confidence in the conversion having your team so closely engaged and having a guiding/steering hand in the process.”
Director of Enterprise Integration at a client Regional Health System

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