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Interoperability Solutions for Payers

Interoperability Solutions for Payers

Exchange data with any healthcare provider or application with complete confidence.

Value of Lyniate for Payers

Lyniate partners with payer organizations to provide connectivity and clinical data integration across the healthcare spectrum. Benefits include:


  • Corepoint and Rhapsody offer a flexible interoperability  platform able to meet any customer workflows or connectivity requirements.

Cost Savings

  • Greater control over your data and workflows results in less dependence on clearinghouses, and increases potential savings for your customers and partners.
  • Corepoint Integration Engine improves and expedites the billing and payment workflows. Our customers experience significantly faster, more accurate turnaround times.
  • Use Corepoint and Rhapsody in conjunction with your legacy engine to expand your capabilities without disrupting existing workflows.


  • With Lyniate, you have total control over your data, driving better business decisions for your organization.
  • Identify and resolve connectivity issues with customers and partners as they are happening.

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